Morale Surveys

At MLG, open communication is an important key to our success. We make transparency a priority by encouraging all of our employees to complete an anonymous survey ranking their morale on a scale of 1 to 10 and adding comments about how we can improve their morale each month.

Our leadership team responds to each individual comment and releases all feedback to the company without censorship. To further drive the point of transparency and hold ourselves even more accountable for outcomes, we display this information on our website, primarily for potential new team members to better understand our culture.

“On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best morale you could imagine in a work environment and 1 being the worst) how does MLG rate?”

February 2017

Morale Average: 6.60* – 4 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 20 (87% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 7.33 with 18 participants (75% participation rate)

We greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback on this month’s morale survey. As the majority of comments were related to the MLG transition, we’d like to address them as a whole.

We realize the recent news affected each person differently and know that many of you are hurting right now. Please know that we are BIG fans and care deeply about every person here. As the morale surveys have played such a huge role in our company culture, we felt it would be a disservice to not ask at least one more time. Upon group discussion, we’ve decided this will be the last survey as we shift our focus to supporting your future careers. Whether it’s with cj, Stericycle, or somewhere else, we feel very confident that we can help land everybody in a good place. As we talked about in last week’s staff meeting, we are here to help and want each of you to be successful. Be it now or years from now, all you have to do is ask and consider it done. Your success is our success

One of the comments below asked for one last party before the companies split. This is an awesome idea, and we will look into options for a late spring/early summer celebration. In the meantime, we already have several events to look forward to: Our annual March Madness tournament, St. Patrick’s Day (3/17), cj Conference (4/5-4/7), LIP Town Hall (4/23), and Cinco de Mayo (5/5).

Thank you so much for your support and contributions through the years. You are all absolute rock stars, and we will do everything we can to keep everyone rocking forward.

Comment # 482

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. (10)


Comment # 483

Lots of moving parts for MLG. I'm thankful for the early notice regarding the building transition timing and the growth of LIP. (9)


Comment # 484

All good! (9)


Comment # 485

Can we have one last party before the companies split?? The baseball game last year sure was fun! **HINT HINT** (8)


Comment # 486

My morale has improved a lot lately and I'm very thankful to continue working for such amazing people! (9)


Comment # 487

It's been fun. Hard to maintain a big bubbly morale when it's all ending like this. (6)


Comment # 488

Not looking forward to looking for a new job. I hate job interviews. At least I have the chance to change careers. (5)


Comment # 489

I've loved being a part of this team and culture. It's been a privilege to work with so many smart, driven, and creative people. I understand the decision was not taken lightly and appreciate the transparency. But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. Not feeling especially great or needed right now. (5)


Comment # 490

I guess all good things must come to an end! The building being sold did not surprise me at all - our "neighbors" keep getting taller and more expensive so I figured it was just a matter of time before we moved. But losing LIP and ending MLG was a shock for sure. Keeping morale up isn't easy. It feels sad and very un-MLG like around here these days as we all navigate this change. (4)


Comment # 491

I know it was business and nothing personal, but I'm shocked you're asking us what our morale is after terminating our positions. Clearly it's low. (3)


Comment # 492

We're a family. We're transparent. We care. #Alternate Facts (3)


Comment # 493

. (1)



January 2017

Morale Average: 7.33* – 3 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (75% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.86 with 21 participants (84% participation rate)

Comment # 472

You know what would be really great... Poopouri in the bathrooms. :) (10)

We hear ya... But for sanitary reasons, it’s BYOP

Comment # 473

Can we work with our food vendor to get more than 5 redbulls stocked per week? Maybe even introduce the sugar free one as well? (10)

We sure can! We’ve reached out to our vendor, and they’re going to increase our regular Red Bull amount and add Sugarfree.

Comment # 474

WOW! (9)


Comment # 475

Curious about plans for the building and the potential for moving to multiple locations, but not yet curious enough to be overly concerned. (9)

Be assured, we will definitely keep everyone in the loop as we determine options for next steps.

Comment # 476

I appreciate Arnie speaking candidly about the potential upcoming move out of 300. Change is good! Things have been good since the last time we moved, so I'm going to assume things will be even better in our next location. (8)

Thank you. We like your optimism!

Comment # 477

Overall, my morale is good, and I love my job. I appreciate the honesty of Arnie's building announcement, though I can definitely see how it would cause anxiety. (Myself included!) I realize that nothing is ever a guarantee, but it would calm some nerves if we knew more of your longterm vision for MLG during this change. (8)

We completely understand. The building agreement was not being sought. It came to us, and we’ve negotiated a timeline that gives us the time needed to determine options and plan for next steps. MLG leadership is actively working to revise our long-term goals, and we’ll keep you informed as soon as we have some viable options that keep everyone rocking forward.

Comment # 478

My morale has always been a ten, but lately it's taken a hit. Ever since the building announcement, I've been concerned about job security. I have really loved my job and was hoping I could retire from this company, so not knowing if I'll have a place here is concerning. To make things worse, communication in my department hasn't been great lately and does nothing to ease my fears. I've talked to my manager, but it didn't help. I just want to be part of this amazing team and contribute meaningful work for years to come. (7)

We genuinely appreciate your honesty and commitment to MLG. The building agreement was not being sought. It came to us, and we’ve negotiated a timeline that gives us the time needed to determine options and plan for next steps. Our intention was to let people know as soon as we were aware to prevent team members from hearing elsewhere first. By doing so, we admittedly don’t have all the answers for what’s next. What we DO know right now is:

  1. Our goal is to be ready to move by April of next year (2018). Finding our new home will be the highest priority during 2nd and 3rd quarter of this year (2017).
  2. Any tenured team member will likely agree that we have a fairly strong track record of putting our team members ahead of client and financial goals whenever possible. There should be no doubt that we’ll be sticking to that rationale going forward.

Comment # 479

Your email about the building being sold said "We know that this may prompt many questions. Please feel free to discuss further with your manager." I went to my manager, but they don't have any details. Should MLG employees be looking for other jobs? (1)

Thank you for your honest feedback. This line was a miscommunication on our part, and we apologize. Though we still do not have further details, we DO want to hear feedback and questions so we can address when we know more. We hope comment #478 sheds more light on the situation.

Comment # 480

Morale since the news of splitting of companies/ move has been terrible-it's like every one is walking around on egg shells not knowing if they are safe and being used until they aren't needed any more. I just want to say, it is quite discouraging that we are expected to proceed like everything is normal, when it is not! There isn't much positivity or optimism going around, and the fact that we are told to go to our managers with questions/concerns (yet they don't know anything) makes no sense at all. While I am trying to keep in mind that this is a business-and this is what is good for business-there would be no business or growth to even make this possible without your awesome employees, who just want to still feel valued; which is not happening. (1)

We greatly appreciate your honesty and EMPHATICALLY agree that MLG has AWESOME employees! We very much value MLG staff and recognize the important role each of you plays. We dropped the ball on our end if this is not shining through. Comment #478 above explains everything we know at this time, and we will keep you informed as soon as we know more answers.

Comment # 481

Morale for myself, is at all time low. I never thought I would rate this company a one, but I am. I am disappointed that MLG is dissolving. But I think the elephant in the room is, who is losing their job? We were given the timeline, 18 months. But we don't really have 18 months. June 2018 isn't when we'll starting moving. Obviously it will start way in advance. So does that mean that people will be let go before then? If so, when? According to the email that was sent out by Communications, it stated that the search for a new place would start at the end of 2017. Well that's impossible. I'm not an expert in moving a company but I bet it involves more than just packing up a few boxes and calling a moving truck. Not mention, I'm sure the new location(s) will be renovated which involves time. So my question is, what is the real time line? Who is losing their job? Not knowing these answers is extremely disappointing. I love my job and I love working for MLG. I have dedicated a lot to all three companies and I'm sure plenty of other people can say the same thing about themselves. If I didn't have as much passion as I do about working here, I would have been gone along time ago. I also find it frustrating that certain people know their job status and others don't. Why do some people get to feel comfortable about their job and others don't? Tell me how that is fair? Are you playing favorites? Let's talk about our core values: RESPECT- this is something a lot of employees are not getting from upper management. TRUST- I can't trust ANYONE. Is someone stabbing me in the back to save their job? Do me a favor, don't tell me to reach out to my manager. (1)

Thank you for your honesty. We chose to disclose the building news before we had solid details for next steps. While we very much believe in sharing news as soon as we know it, there is a definite communication gap in the way we handled this one. We deeply apologize if we made you feel unvalued as we are incredibly appreciative of every MLG employee. We hope that Comment #478 above helps explain everything we DO know at this time, including the timeline for our new home(s) search and job security. Regarding your comment about some employees knowing job status and others not knowing, please tell us more.


December 2016

Morale Average: 8.86* – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 21 (84% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.83 with 18 participants (72% participation rate)

Comment # 466

A great time to be alive and part of such and energetic and fun team. Thanks for a great party Jimmy and for all the fun throughout the Christmas season. This is the place I want to work forever! (10)

You are welcome. Wonderful to hear!

Comment # 467

Generous bonuses, time off, lots of treats.. What's not to like? Thanks! (10)

You’re welcome!

Comment # 468

Happy new year! So excited to grow with MLG in 2017! (10)


Comment # 469

I never fill out comments here, but this will be my last morale survey and I want to say THANK YOU cj and MLG for being a great place to work and a huge growth and learning opportunity for me over the past 3 years. I'm going to miss being a camel, but I'll store this experience in my humps for years to come. - Sarah I. (9)

Thank you for three fantastic years! You shall always be friend of the camels, Sarah. ☺

Comment # 470

Although it's better than a kick in the head (as Arnie likes to say), I am really disappointed about the BBC switching to gift cards vs. giving out Amex cards. Many of us count on that tax-free money as part of our income and use it on things like gas or groceries...hopefully there is an option for a Kroger or Target gift card, where we can purchase things we need... Thank you so much for the holiday party and the end-of- year bonus. Looking forward to what is in store for 2017. (9)

Thank you for your feedback. Good news: Target and Walmart WILL BE included in the gift card options! Stay tuned for a communication listing the full retail and restaurant list soon. We absolutely love rewarding employees for reading and want to keep offering this beneficial program. As we move forward, we’ll continue experimenting to keep the program successful and sustainable for all participants.

Comment # 471

Morale is always outstanding but the new updates with BBC payout are pretty discouraging! I'm sure there are reasons for the changes in place, but first we lost the $200 payout (huge bummer) and now we get retail cards..once a month (which are great-but not the best for those who like to use rewards to pay for gas, bills, etc.) This is a perk I was super pumped about being hired on and it seems like it is moving in a direction not as favorable to us which is a bit discouraging. (9)

We greatly appreciate your feedback and your participation in BetterBookClub! Comment #470 above addresses some of your concerns.


November 2016

Morale Average: 8.83* – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (72% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.76 with 17 participants (68% participation rate)

Comment # 460

Always a 10! I love working for a company that believes in trust and transparency, where leadership listens and genuinely cares what we have to say. What we do here actually matters. It was also an awesome feeling to be able to brag about my fantastic job at Thanksgiving dinner (all my family is jealous, btw)! Thanks for giving me a job I am happy to come to each day and that I can be proud of, always. (10)

That is wonderful to hear! Glad to have you on the team. ☺

Comment # 461

MLGS rocks. (10)

Aw yeah!

Comment # 462

Thank you for the opportunity to voice an opinion or suggestion. Is it necessary to have almost half of MLG sit on the survey review panel? Doesn't the survey then loose its anonymity? (9)

You are very welcome. Great questions! We like to have a large group in our morale meetings to gain perspective. The more brains in one room, the better we can figure out solutions! Each comment is treated as 100% anonymous—the focus being “what” was said rather than “who” said it. We invite anyone to sit in on a meeting to watch the process unfold and participate. If you’d like to join one, just let your manager know!

Comment # 463

I feel really good about working at MLG. Can not imagine a better place. (Well, actually I can but I doubt the company could make any profit with all the perks like valet parking, gourmet catered lunches every day and Dyson Air Blades...) (9)

Love the innovational ideas! With the right people and the right profit, ya never know...

Comment # 464

All good- just waiting on the holiday party/bonus! (8)

Herd that!

Comment # 465

300 10th Avenue South is one of the best workplace cultures I've had the pleasure of working in. However the reason my score is a 5 is because I don't fully enjoy the particular job I do, but until something else comes a long I'll make do. (5)

What’s most important to us is that you enjoy what you do. With all sincerity, let’s have a conversation and see how we can get you there. Whether it’s here or somewhere else, we want you to be happy and fulfilled.

October 2016

Morale Average: 8.76* – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 17 (68% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.36 with 22 participants (88% participation rate)

Comment # 457

The welcome that I have gotten from everyone in CJ and MLG since transitioning, has been nothing short of wonderful! I love coming to work everyday and am really enjoying what I do for such wonderful people:) #thisplaceROCKS (10)

So happy to hear that. Welcome to MLG!

Comment # 458

I am not a huge fan of the super soft hand drying paper towels in the restrooms. To be honest, they are kind of creepy. Soft is not always better. Case in point: Rock music. (9)

We hear ya! By the time you receive this, the soft paper towels will be a mere distant memory. No need to bring soft rock into this, though. C’mon… Phil Collins? Have you two ears and a heart??? :)

Comment # 459

Feels like our priorities are out of whack. I see a lot of bending over backwards to please LIP employees. In the meantime, seems the morale of your more tenured, employees in the other companies is going down. (6)

[This comment was edited due to mentioning specific individuals in a negative manner.] MLG’s purpose is “Supporting Success” for all companies at 300. It’s our job to do everything we can to improve each company’s environment. We do our absolute best to cater to individual company needs while also cultivating a community that all can enjoy. With LIP accounting for 150+ employees of the 230 in here, we do not consider this bending over backwards nor do we feel our priorities are out of whack. If that mindset doesn’t sit well, this may not be the right place for you.

September 2016

Morale Average: 8.36* – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 22 (88% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.55 with 22 participants (100% participation rate)

Comment # 448

BEST JOB EVER! Since day one, everyone has been so kind and welcoming, and the culture is phenomenal! My boss is amazing, the people are amazing, the facilities are amazing--everything is amazing. I actually like coming to work! All my friends are jealous, so thanks for giving me a job I can brag about! ;) (10)

Amazing!!! Glad to have ya here! ☺

Comment # 449

I'm going to Montana soon. I'm going to be a Dental Floss Tycoon (9)


Comment # 450

All's going pretty well, and I love working here! Just a couple of questions: 1. Is there any way our printers can have a staple option? The old printer used to have it, and it was very helpful! 2. I love the idea of Alexa, but sometimes it's too loud and distracting. Does it need to play music all day or can it be turned on only during certain times? (9)

Excellent! In answer to your questions: 1. IT will look into this. 2. Thank you for your feedback! We’re going to leave Alexa as is for now and ask that everyone be respectful of the volume. When in doubt, say “Alexa Volume 3” or turn down using the volume knob. If loudness continues to be an issue, we’ll revisit.

Comment # 451

Glad to see that MLG is leveraging staff from other departments to fill internal roles. This helps continue to foster a company loyalty while enabling people to grow their careers. Facilities: Very little irks me here at MLG, however the parking next to the building is something that does. - Issue: People pulling through parking spots to face the wrong way; this also causes blocking of the driveway and potential for an accident - Suggestion: Place parking curbs on the inside of the center parking spots so cars need park the correct way and can't pull too far up and cars face the correct way. Thanks for your consideration! (9)

We love building and hiring from within! Though we do not feel we need to implement parking curbs, your comment helps raise awareness. Facilities actively patrols the parking lot every day for issues such as these. If you see one, let the Facilities team know, and they’ll take care of it!

Comment # 452

Is it safer to reverse your car into the parking bays? Asking for a friend. (9)

It is equally safe... And please tell your friends to not park in our parking lot (without a guest pass, of course!)

Comment # 453

I'm a little amused about all the hubbub over the brand name toilet paper. After being raised by a pack of wolves, I'm just glad to have any TP. (9)

It’s the little things in life... P.S. Solid use of hubbub.

Comment # 454

My moral would be a lot higher if the extra book club money hadn't been taken away. Since the holidays are coming up, I think everyone can agree the extra money would would have come in handy. (6)

Thank you for your feedback. Raising the payout was an experiment to boost awareness and increase engagement. We will continue trying new things such as this! And as time passes and we see the overall effect, we may try experimenting again. In the meantime, the immediate payout is continuing, and the knowledge you learn from each book is priceless.

Comment # 455

Really, really disappointed that you took away the ability to earn $200 per quarter in the book club. It only lasted one quarter!!! Also, there are plenty of other things that we seem to waste money on around here...books in brains shouldn't be where we skimp. (5)

We appreciate your feedback. Please see comment #454 above. If you see opportunities for us to save money, let us know!

Comment # 456

I chose the wrong career path... (5)

The best time to make a change is today. We highly encourage and support any decision that leads to fulfillment.

August 2016

Morale Average: 8.55* – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 22 (100% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 7.78 with 18 participants (82% participation rate)

Comment # 439

My Morale Rocks! But I am sad to be leaving MLG :( I have enjoyed working in my Department with Margaret & Lindsey & am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to join this amazing company. The last year has been an incredible learning experience and I am excited to be moving into my new role with LIP & look forward to the many wonderful experiences that it will provide me. I won't be too far from everyone so please say hi to me in the break-room :) (10)

I reckon we can still say hi in the break room, neighbor... ☺ Thank you so much for an incredible year and everything you have done as part of MLG. Keep rocking forward in your new role!

Comment # 440

Thank you for the new toilet paper! It's so much better! Here's a wild and crazy idea that I think we could possibly rip off and duplicate... At a previous job at a PR firm (probably around the same size as 300), they provided breakfast for employees every morning. They had a 'cereal bar' available every morning and on Friday's there was a fully catered hot breakfast. The cereal bar consisted of three or four different types of cereal that were stored in plastic containers and re-filled every morning, and a few gallons of milk in the fridge. The catered Friday breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, waffles, fruit, bagels, and even french toast sometimes. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I'm sure there are plenty of us that regularly skip it because we 'just don't have time.' This could help keep us fueled for the day! Not to mention it was quite the morale booster. I'll never forget how awesome it was to always have breakfast at work every morning. This may or may not be feasible, but hey it could be the next best thing since Sonic Ice! (10)

Very cool idea! While we tend to shy away from regularly cooked meals, we will definitely explore similar options. In the meantime, we do offer free coffee, almonds, and fruit 24/7 in addition to what is available for purchase at Avenue C.

Comment # 441

I'm all about the mini smoothies in the break room and the new toilet paper. Plus, it's been a fun month with the 300 Olympics and Camel County Fair. Lovin' it here! Thank you! (10)

Wonderful to hear!

Comment # 442

The Camel County Fair was great! Thank you. I was the lucky winner of one of the Varidesks. Thank you again! And even my chair, which I still need 'cause you can't stand all day long, was recently calibrated. I feel like everything that can be done to make my work life awesome is being done, and it is appreciated. Now, can you work this magic on my personal life too?!? :-) (10)

Awesome! Though that may be a little out of our jurisdiction, we’ll see what we can do! :-)

Comment # 443

Two words... Toilet Paper! I'm forever grateful for the "quality" TP around 300 10th Ave S! Thank you! Also, I think it would be awesome if we used a single sign on solution like Okta. We all use a ton of different apps on a daily and weekly basis that we have to log in to separately, and it would be a lot easier if they all just lived in one place. Right now I have 14 tabs open for all the apps I regularly use that I have to log in to separately. Wouldn’t it be great if I could just log into one thing to have access to all those apps? Wish list item! Thank you for everything! Including all of our apps. :) (10)

his comment sparked some very interesting discussions. IT is going to kick off a software and application audit soon to research this further. Based on their findings, we will plan next steps from there!

Comment # 444

MLG kick @#!$! (9)

Yeah, it does!!!

Comment # 445

Captain, Road Prison 36: You gonna get used to wearin' them chains after a while, Luke. Don't you never stop listenin' to them clinking. 'Cause they gonna remind you of what I been saying. For your own good. Luke: Wish you'd stop being so good to me, Captain. Cool Hand Luke 1967 (9)

“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate...” Wait a minute...What? Do we??

Comment # 446

:\ (5)

Please tell us more so we know how we can help! :\

Comment # 447

Low pay (5)

If you feel you are not being paid adequately, please reach out to your manager to discuss.

July 2016

Morale Average: 7.78 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (82% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 9.0 with 19 participants (83% participation rate)

Comment # 436

MLGS rocks! (10)

Heard that!

Comment # 437

The toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom goes the wrong way. (7)

Ah. The age-old toilet paper debate... We’ll look into this. ☺

Comment # 438

To use the words of The Smashing Pumpkins - (7)

Livin’ the “Siamese” dream...

June 2016

Morale Average: 9.00 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 19 (83% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.75 with 20 participants (75% participation rate)

Comment # 432

Thanks for the good times and opportunities! - MB (10)

Thank YOU for a rockin’ 9 years, Maria!

Comment # 433

I love ROWE and the WR option. Thank you! (10)


Comment # 434

Smooth move, sending out the survey right after sending out an email that there was FREE CHIPOTLE in the breakroom! Well played. (10)

As the saying goes, “The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.” ;) Glad you enjoyed it!

Comment # 435

There's just a feeling I get when I look to the west. (8)


May 2016

Morale Average: 8.75 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 20 (87% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.33 with 18 participants (75% participation rate)

Comment # 429

My rating would be a 10 if you delivered two, no three... ok FOUR. four shots of whiskey, every day, to my desk, to get me through these #&$%@ blasts. In the beginning I would have settled for any 10 year old whiskey but now, I am so traumatized,, I don't think I can cope with anything less than an 18 year old. If you do that then I guarantee my morale will improve to either 10 or fwe- inkinfg-blurble HIC! whichever is easiest to spell at the time. Thank you for your consideration and concern for my ongoing placidity. (9)

We’ll go ahead and stock up on a few bottles of Jameson for ya… The good news is that they are done blasting on our side of the site. The bad news is that they have run into some issues which has delayed the timeline. We’ve got about 3-4 more weeks of blasting, but at least it’s on the other side now!

Comment # 430

A lot of people have commented on the fact that the office is very quiet on Fridays. I understand employees have the option to WR, however, some employees do not. Would it be possible to implement "Summer Hours"? The office could officially close at 2pm on Fridays. I understand we have unrestricted PTO (THANK YOU), however, I feel like this would give the employees that have to be in the office, a chance to leave early. Just think, "Summer Hours" could be added to our Camel Culture poster and perhaps a Milestone? This would be another perk that we could brag to our friends about!! And hey, if you want to make it earlier than 2pm, I'm all for it! (9)

Thank you for your feedback and all that you do! Because we are a ROWE workplace with 24/7 operation, we do not have set global office hours. If the hours you’re working aren’t working for you, we definitely encourage you to speak with your manager about it.

Comment # 431

The new clock in the kitchen has the wrong date on it, just FYI. Also, I see quite a few people suggesting a recycling bin for all types of recyclables. However, I've noticed that when the Earth Savers guy shows up, he's emptying ALL bins into one large bin, mixing everything to haul it away. So we may not need all these separate recycle bins after all if Earth Savers just puts it all together in 1 bin anyway. Just a thought. (8)

Facilities is on it regarding the clock error! It’s an issue that requires assistance from the manufacturer, and it’s taking longer to fix than anticipated. Regarding the recycling suggestion: Good thinking! There is a method to the madness, though. Earth Savers DOES combine paper with cardboard and glass with plastic. But paper/cardboard and glass/plastic still remain split up in the truck. And due to glass recycling guidelines, we have to keep glass recycling separate from plastic recycling.

April 2016

Morale Average: 8.33 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (75% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.55 with 20 participants (83% participation rate)

Comment # 423

The Sounds game was awesome! Thank you. Can't say I watched much of the game, but really enjoyed hanging out with people I don't get to see much during the daily grind at my desk. Is there a way that this can become an annual event? The Holiday Party is something I look forward to every year, for this same reason. I think it would be cool if we had something in late Spring/ early Summer to look forward to as well. Doesn't have to be a Sounds game, but something where we get to hang out, outside of work, and have fun together. Thank you! (10)

Glad you had a great time, and we’d like to do something similar about once a quarter. Next up is a Summer picnic in our parking lot. Stay tuned for the further details!

Comment # 424

A great team to work with here at MLG. Except for that one person. You know who you are. (9)

Arnie said he’s sorry and appreciates your tolerance.

Comment # 425

I've only been here a short while but you all have made me feel very 'at home'. I love working here and the people and I couldn't ask for better. (8)

Welcome to the MLG family!

Comment # 426

OK, I know this is petty and isn't really affecting my morale but all the face transplanting images of Arnie et al. onto various people, animals and things is starting to creep me out... (8)

Not petty at all! Though this may or may not be...

Comment # 427

It was not communicated clearly if LIP Town Hall attendance was encouraged or required. Can we take this into consideration for any upcoming events outside of office hours? (8)

We will communicate this clearer next time. As discussed in the staff meeting, LIP Town Hall attendance is not mandatory for any employee, though it is encouraged particularly for those who work closely with LIP.

Comment # 428

Feel that I have been working hard and have been very productive but continually get the feeling that I am easily replaceable. I understand that is true for many positions, but constantly feeling like you have to look over your shoulder can be quite stressful. (7)

We don’t want anyone feeling this way-- totally contrary to the high-trust environment we seek. Everyone should know where they stand and the value of their contributions. If that’s not the case, talk to your manager. If that doesn’t help, talk to Chris, so we can get you in a better place.

March 2016

Morale Average: 8.55 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 20 (83% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.71 with 21 participants (88% participation rate)

Comment # 418

Spring is in the air, and I am very thankful to have a job - especially here. (10)

We’re thankful to have YOU here!

Comment # 419

Loving life! (10)

Loving this comment!

Comment # 420

Suggestion for Facilities - the Lea Ave parking lot could use some trash cans. (9)

Ask and you shall receive. We’ve added two trash cans to the Lea Lot: one by each car entrance. Excellent suggestion!

Comment # 421

There is not enough to moan about. This is disturbing as, if it continues, I will have to consider breaking the 10 barrier next month. I shall spend the next 30 days in meditation to discover a hidden flaw. (9)

Hope we turn that Namaste into a NamasTEN!

Comment # 422

Thank you for Good Friday off! (8)

You’re welcome!

February 2016

Morale Average: 8.71 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 21 (88% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.17 with 18 participants (78% participation rate)

Comment # 415

Just eatin eggs here boss .. Luke: I can eat fifty eggs. Dragline: Nobody can eat fifty eggs. Dragline: Did you ever eat fifty eggs? Luke: Nobody ever eat fifty eggs. (RIP George Kennedy) (10)

“My boy says he can eat fifty eggs, he can eat fifty eggs.” RIP George.

Comment # 416

Everything's great! Except the ketchup in the kitchen, which isn't that great. It tastes weird. (10)

Great on the great! We will begin an investigation into these mysterious ketchup packets you speak of. Stand by!

Comment # 417

MYTH: Turning the thermostat up or down several degrees will heat or cool your building faster. FACT: Thermostats are simple temperature regulators. All they do is tell your heating or cooling system when to turn on or off once the room reaches a specific temperature. The thermostat doesn’t work “harder” when you change the temperature, it will only make the furnace or AC work longer! It’s like pressing the elevator button more than once – it doesn’t actually help the elevator come faster. MORAL OF STORY: Turning the Thermostat to 74 degrees every morning just makes the system blow dryer, uncooled air into a pre-set workspace that changes the heat balance to an unbearable degree. The A/c is not going to make your tootsies warm immediately - it is designed to make everyone in your area comfortably cool or warm. Don't start a thermostat war. 70-71 is recommended for convivial relationships and relaxed work environment. (9)

There are truths in your reminder, but there is also some confusion... the thermostats are actually preset to a range... not hotter than “xx” and not cooler than “xx” which allows for some natural fluctuation during the day. This range is posted outside each thermostat as well as a map of the zone it covers. Let’s talk more at the next staff meeting. The goal is to make everyone as comfortable as possible while they are in the office!

January 2016

Morale Average: 8.17 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (78% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.61 with 18 participants (78% participation rate)

Comment # 410

What if we had a natural, eco-friendly spray that creates a protective barrier on the toilet water’s surface to trap odors and leave a fresh scent in our restrooms! :) There is a Groupon right now for Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray (1- or 2-Pack) - It works. Just throwing it out there. (10)

Thank you for the suggestion! While we might recommend this product for your own personal use, supplying it would quickly become problematic on several fronts.

Comment # 411

Looking forward to the Sounds Game! (9)


Comment # 412

Is everything ok with FSL? There was such a huge buzz with them a few months ago after cj conference. And now it's a ghost town, with papers and binders just left sitting around. Doesn't feel right, considering how tidy and lively the rest of the building is. (7)

As Jimmy discussed in this month’s staff meeting, FSL recently took a deep dive into KPIs for two key areas: intake and legal processing of cases.

  • Intake – While marketing was successful, they experienced conversion issues. So for now, they have paused marketing, are re-tooling the intake process, and are putting all of their efforts into resolving cases to improve cash flow.
  • Legal Processing – To more speedily resolve these cases, FSL has paired up with another Nashville firm: Taylor, Pigue, Marchetti & Blair. The FSL team has been spending time over at this firm’s office, which may account for the “ghost town” feel here. They recognize they need to tidy up and promise to get things organized as soon as possible!

FSL fully intends to re-engage their marketing efforts and rebuild over the next several months, and they sincerely appreciate all of 300 10th Ave South’s support in helping them find success!

Comment # 413

We are very busy lately and not getting much acknowledgement and that is putting stress on our team. Shout out to management though for giving us lunches and encouragement to keep us going. (7)

Such is the life sometimes when your role’s mission is to help other companies succeed. Your service and actions are recognized, and if they aren’t directly voiced, they are ALWAYS appreciated. Management is aware of all that you do, and we greatly thank you for your hard work!

Comment # 414

I am beginning to feel like we are just low class longshoremen to the other companies. We work really hard and long hours in all weather to make sure they have what they need and we don't even get a thank you. (6)

Thank you for your honest feedback and for everything that you do. Please see above response to Comment #413.

December 2015

Morale Average: 8.61 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (78% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.59 with 22 participants (96% participation rate)

Comment # 405

Woot! (10)

Woot woot!

Comment # 406

Looking forward to the New Year and all the great things to come! (10)


Comment # 407

Great Christmas party! Especially appreciate the bonus. (9)

You’re welcome!

Comment # 408

Thank you for the holiday party! (9)

It was our pleasure!

Comment # 409

Doing great! (9)


November 2015

Morale Average: 8.59 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 22 (96% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.36 with 22 participants (100% participation rate)

Comment # 400

All good here! (10)


Comment # 401

Things rock b/c the teams in the trenches do! (10)

Yeah, they do!

Comment # 402

I'm thankful for all of the friends I have around 300. We've got a good group of "Ginuwine" people around these parts! :) (10)

We are “ginuwine”ly happy to hear that. ☺

Comment # 403

I've spent 2 days trying to think of something to complain about but came up blank. I'll take that as a 10 and probably use it as inspiration for an impassioned prayer at the dinner table on Thursday. Thanks y'all. (10)

Amen! Thank YOU.

Comment # 404

Thank you for the breakfast and Black Friday off! (9)

You’re very welcome!

October 2015

Morale Average: 8.36 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 22 (100% participation rate)

Last month’s average was 8.30 with 20 participants (95% participation rate)

Comment # 394

MLGS is a rock solid group! (10)


Comment # 395

Still smiling :) (10)


Comment # 396

Life for me here is beautiful - my morale is at a 10. Life for my car is like a waif's life in a war zone. Its morale is a 2. Did we contract the builders nearby to come over each day at 2:15pm and coat all the cars in dust and grit or are they doing it out of the goodness of their hearts? Do you think they would go halves in car wash fees if I asked them? (10)

The demolition is likely the largest culprit, but fortunately that should be wrapping up this year.

Comment # 397

Things are good, I'm just very busy so a nine will have to do for this month. :) (9)

We’ll take it!

Comment # 398

Can't wait to hear about the direction for cj in 2016. (8)

The annual cj planning retreat was last week, and the results will likely be rolled out at the December staff meeting.

Comment # 399

The vibe throughout the building seems a bit off. Not quite as jolly as it was a few weeks ago. (8)

The vibe at 300 can definitely swing from time to time as lives and business ebb and flow. On this grand stage, we all play a role in creating, maintaining, and repairing the mojo that is our culture.

September 2015

Morale Average: 8.30 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 20 (95% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.96 with 23 participants (100% participation rate)

Comment # 390

Enjoying working with amazing coworkers and team! (10)

Ditto ☺

Comment # 391

Looking forward to the cj Client Conference. (10)

Get ready to soak up some knowledge!

Comment # 392

We keep moving along merrily and life is better every day but do you think we could have some training sessions on how to park between parallel lines, what directional arrows in a parking lot mean and why it's OK to be a considerate parker and take up the whole of your allotted bay without disrupting other people's right to be considerate parkers too? Maybe this thing would go to 11 if that happened. (10)

Stay tuned for a little demonstration when Margaret passes out the 2016 parking permits in December ;)

Comment # 393

Clear concise directions/communication would be nice. Having to put the pieces together is tiring, frustrating, and unnecessary. (5)

We agree that inexplicit communication can be troublesome, but your lack of specifics has left us guessin’ what we need to be fixin’. Please share the details with your manager, so we can better understand the breakdown.

August 2015

Morale Average: 8.96 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 23 (100% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.78 with 23 participants (100% participation rate)

Comment # 382

All good! (10)


Comment # 383

A shout out to the Fish team for putting together the Christmas in July and Staycation Week events. Thank you! (10)

A much deserved shout out… We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Comment # 384

Loving life here at MLG. Also, thank you for all of the extra perks and parties the last several months! Could we do a milk and cereal bar every Monday? :) (10)

Wouldn’t that be something!

Comment # 385

I'm a courtesy flushing fool. I am courtesy flushing upstairs and downstairs. I am courtesy flushing here and at home. I am breaking into neighbor’s houses and courtesy flushing. I dig the sound of that running water and the feel of all those different flush-o-matic handles! Man! I haven't had a thrill like this since we used to tie my little brother to a tree and throw water bombs at him. This contributes greatly to my very high morale right now. Go ahead - Flush it. Flush IT!!! (10)

We like your spirit, but perhaps breaking into your neighbor’s houses to courtesy flush isn’t the best course of action ;)

Comment # 386

Another good month. (9) Excellent!

Comment # 387

This continues to be an amazing place to work and I'm proud to be a part of it. That being said, enough of the bathroom drama! I mean, it's like we have the first indoor plumbing on the planet and we're all just learning how to use it. (9)

Sometimes, people just need a little encouragement to get on the same page ☺

Comment # 388

Fruit flies. They've been flying around recently. Wasn't sure where they were coming from. Opened the green coffee grinds bucket and a tiny swarm came forth. Some little larvae and pupae swimming around too. The bucket is an excellent idea. However, it seems people with gardens haven't gotten around to taking the spent grinds home with them. (9)

Facilities has officially removed the bucket. The team gave the coffee grinds recycling concept a solid try, but unfortunately, the system didn’t work the way they hoped it would.

Comment # 389

I really like reading the 15-5 rock nominations by the employee entrance. It's neat to see what all the rock stars around here do every day to make this a great place to work and provide great service to our clients! (8)

Thank you for providing feedback on this recent addition!

July 2015

Morale Average: 8.78 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 23 (100% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.79 with 19 participants (90% participation rate)

Comment # 373

Everything has been great! Looking forward to my time with MLG :) (10)

We’re glad to have you!

Comment # 374

The positive work environment at MLG makes me feel good about coming to work, the motivation sustains throughout the day (10)

Positive attitudes fuel a positive work environment!

Comment # 375

10 out of 10! (10) Fantastic!

Comment # 376

Still love MLG, just still wishing ppl could turn their devices to silent. Thanks. (10)

Silent is the preferred setting for all personal mobile devices. “Hey… loud cell phone person… change your settings!!”

Comment # 377

T (10)

…en? Hooray!

Comment # 378

This is just a great place to work. (9)

We couldn’t agree more!

Comment # 379

It’s all good. (9)


Comment # 380

Setzen Sie den Kalk in die Kokosnuss ein! Alles ist gut! (9)

You drank them both up, didn’t you? ☺

Comment # 381

Do the core values extend to the parking lot? I wish Respect Everyone meant that the parking lot rules were respected too. I was almost in a head-on collision leaving work recently, as someone was coming around the corner in the lot in the wrong direction at an unsafe speed. I'm sure Facilities paid a lot of money to have the lot repainted recently with bold arrows pointing to the correct traffic flow. Let's obey the rules! Also, it's obvious who drives the wrong way - they are the cars parked backwards in the parking lot. Should be pretty easy to figure out who doesn't respect the rules. Sorry to vent! It's just frustrating and unsafe. Thank you. (8)

Our core values absolutely extend to the parking lots. EVERYONE is expected to follow the flow of traffic, which is designated by the arrows on the ground. Parking should also take place in between (not on top of) the white lines, and cars should be pulled all the way up into the spot.

June 2015

Morale Average: 8.79 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 19 (90% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.29 with 17 participants (81% participation rate)

Comment # 369
I've been here eight years and I feel that the company has never been stronger, leaner or adaptable as it is now. Leadership has done a great job in determining direction and focus. I'm hoping to stay many more years. (10)

We agree, and we look forward to having you on the team for many, many more years ;)

Comment # 370
All good!! (10)


Comment # 371
More bananas and monkey nuts (9)

Can do on the bananas, but monkey nuts wouldn’t be able to run through our dispenser.

Comment # 372
Let me preface this with saying this doesn’t affect my morale – just something I’ve been thinking about since the last staff meeting. It was said that CW/Fair Share is a tenant of the building, and that’s how they’re different from CJ/LIP/MLG. I can see why so many people ask questions about it because it’s different from the CJ/LIP/MLG relationship. So, would it make sense to treat CJ and LIP as tenants as well? And MLG is part of the building itself – providing contracted support for whichever tenants want to pay for it? That way MLG knows exactly which services to provide, because we’d bill them for it. Right now it can still be confusing as to what we do for CW/Fair Share, and don’t know what they’re paying for. If every company was a tenant, that would make more sense to me. And when you add in and Slow Hand Coffee, then it appears this building is becoming an incubator for start-ups, instead of strictly the home of CJ Advertising. And I’m cool with that! Just figure if this is the wave of the future for 300 10th Avenue South, it might make sense to treat all the companies as tenants (and put MLG in a slightly different role). Embrace Growth! Looking forward to hearing the response. (9)

You are absolutely correct- 300 10th Ave South is not strictly the home of cj Advertising, and the building itself is owned by MLG Properties, LLC. LIP and cj are entirely (or majority) owned by Arnie and Jimmy, who also fund and own MLG. CW/FSL/BBC are all companies that are entirely (or significantly) owned by others who do not fund MLG, but are directly benefitting from its services. Because of this, it would make sense that there would be a more intentional accounting of MLG resources “invested” in these companies to protect Arnie and Jimmy’s interests. Slow Hand, on the other hand, has a true, independent, tenant/landlord relationship with MLG Properties and it uses none of the services MLG provides to the other entities.

While 300 10th Ave South was not intended to be an incubator, in many ways growth from within and opportunities from outside the MLG family have positioned the building in such a fashion. And who knows… maybe more to come, but as you say "Embrace Growth." We agree!

May 2015

Morale Average: 8.29 – 1 score at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 17 (81% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.82 with 17 participants (81% participation rate)

Comment # 362
Feels like we are really headed in a good direction and I'm excited and grateful to be here for it! (10)


Comment # 363
All good! (10)


Comment # 364
The people who are the day-to-day team of MLG are awesome - always executing towards better. (10)

It's true- MLG Rocks!

Comment # 365
MLG…always crazy and always good. (9)

And therefore… always crazy good ☺

Comment # 366
We have been flat out - like a lizard on a rock - but we are getting things done and good things are ahead for everyone!!! (9)

Keep up the great work!

Comment # 367
Everything is well enough. (8)

Well enough is okay, but how can we make everything even better?

Comment # 368
Great idea for the Facebook challenge. What happened to MLG though?
Has CW thought about internal marketing to MLG companies? Maybe offer a discounted rate to all MLG employees for Wills, Power of Attorney and other legal documents or maybe a free estate planning session. Just a thought. (8)

Malham Leverage Group does not have an active Facebook page. However, your comment prompted us to find an inactive page that needs to be disabled… Thank you!

CW does not offer the services you mentioned. They strictly do contingency-based litigation in regard to will and estate disputes. However, if you need a referral and possibly a discount on any of these services, just ask Jimmy! He can point you in the right direction ☺

April 2015

Morale Average: 8.82 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 17 (81% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.47 with 19 participants (95% participation rate)

Comment # 355
No complaints here! :) (10)


Comment # 356
Excited to see all the new IT offerings. Printers, Email, Office Software. What's next? (10)

A much improved wireless environment is on the horizon… stay tuned for the details ☺

Comment # 357
Q. When do monkey's fall from the sky?
A. During Ape-ril showers!
Q. Can February March?
A. No but April May! (10)

Thanks for the laugh!

Comment # 358
Thank you for creating an awesome work environment that makes my friends jealous and me really happy. (9)

Anything to make your friends jealous ;)

Comment # 359
Love working at MLG, but I do have a complaint about mobile devices: if you work in an "open" area (i.e. you don't have an office door that can be closed, please turn your phone/tablet/etc. to vibrate. It can be very distracting to hear an alarm, beeps, dings and the like when trying to concentrate on projects. Thanks. (9)

Yikes. Sounds like your neighbors need a friendly office etiquette reminder… If the beeps and dings continue after the release of this feedback, please reach out to your manager or email

Comment # 360
This has been a great place to work. There is a lot of talent in this small group. (8)

We agree!

Comment # 361
Could you explain the relationship between CW and MLG? Is MLG now servicing CW? Because of new companies and new employees, have we thought of a mid year meet and greet? (8)

At current, and in the simplest of terms, CW (and FairShare) is a client of MLG by nature of being a tenant in the building. As a tenant, the Facilities team provides a host of clearly defined services, as they do for cj and LIP.

Outside these facility-based services, Accounting, HR, and IT only occasionally do work for CW and FairShare. As their services become more prevalent, agreements will be reached to allow for more regular and intensive department contributions to both firms success.

Also, the July BBQ for achieving 1776 Facebook likes across all 5 companies can serve as a meet and greet… but feel free to go ahead and introduce yourself to the newbies. We promise they don't bite ☺

March 2015

Morale Average: 8.47 – 1 score at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 19 (95% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.83 with 18 participants (100% participation rate)

Comment # 347
I'm a big fan of ROWE. Thank you for our great workplace! (10)

You're very welcome.

Comment # 348
The weather is beautiful! (10)

Spring has sprung!

Comment # 349
Loving it, as always! :) (10)

Good to hear ☺

Comment # 350
There is an issue of trash around the building, especially by the Lea Ave. parking lot area. It would be great if the City of Nashville was notified that there is an abundance of garbage collecting in the 10th Ave district and it would be much appreciated if it was picked up. Just for clarification, Facilities at MLG does a great job, and this comment isn't a reflection on their performance. (9)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Facilities has recently renewed our membership with the Nashville Downtown Partnership, which has a “Clean & Safe” Ambassador team that will take care of our surrounding public property maintenance. If you see something that needs to be addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out to so we can contact NDP.

Comment # 351
I am excited about all the positive energy surrounding LIP. (9)

Isn't it wonderful?

Comment # 352
Busy busy busy! (8)

Keep up the great work!

Comment # 353
Thank you for the policy modifications. MLG is proving that we can change with the times. I wish people would realize how fortunate they are to work in a place that is becoming ever increasingly flexible. Please don't abuse this great opportunity. (8)

Trust and respect fuel our new policy, so we remain optimistic that our team members will refrain from abusing it.

Comment # 354
I'll see my manager about my concerns…thanks! (1)

Yes, please do as soon as possible, and let us know if that doesn't improve your situation.

February 2015

Morale Average: 8.83 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (90% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.60 with 20 participants (100% participation rate)

Comment # 340
Great place to work! (10)

It is!

Comment # 341
Super busy. but it's all good! (10)


Comment # 342
I couldn't be more happy with the morale around the office! And not to mention how wonderfully everything was handled by leadership during the week-long freeze! (10)

We agree, and a huge thank you to those who put in the extra hours to ensure the winter storm operations ran smoothly!

Comment # 343
There is never a dull moment in the wild and crazy world of MLG. (9)

It's true… you've got to stay on your toes around here!

Comment # 344
Where did the apples go? :) (9)

Apples were available at the front desk when this comment was submitted ☺

Comment # 345
Morale is good and the environment is cool but it seems that not everyone in the companies know how to park or how to interpret the core values. If you damage someone else's car, you should inform them that you did it, regardless of what your insurance state is. That's called respect. It shows you understand that your co-workers will respect you and work through any issues you might have. It shows you respect your co-workers enough to admit you have made a mistake. And it shows that you respect process and property. Sadly there's one of you out there that doesn't. So mysterious sad person, let's see if you can believe in yourself and our values and come forward to discuss the incident. I know you hate carrying that weight in your heart and you will feel better admitting to it. Just pop in and see Margaret - she knows whose car you hit and can put you in touch with me and we can discuss how we grow respect - by giving it you shall receive it. (9)

In our parking lot, any other parking lot, and in life… we would certainly agree that Responsibility is a strong indicator of Respect.

Comment # 346
LIP's got a Plan -thank you for sharing. Is their plan ever to make money? (7)

LIP's got a great plan, and on the shoulders of Chris's leadership, LIP's future has never been brighter. The plan is well documented, published, and displayed in the War Hall downstairs. Take a look and grab anyone on the executive team for a quick overview.

January 2015

Morale Average: 8.6 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 20 (100% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.39 with 18 participants (95% participation rate)

Comment # 332
MLGS Rocks! (10)

Without a doubt.

Comment # 333
I'm loving our new core values and new addition to our team. It was a great start to 2015. I couldn't be happier. (10)

Let’s keep up the momentum!

Comment # 334
Great! Love the apples! (10)

An apple a day keeps the haters away :)

Comment # 335
I love the new core values. (9)

Glad to hear it!

Comment # 336
Could facilities consider creating a size restriction for vehicles parking in the MLG building lot? Some of trucks parking in this lot are so large that they obstruct the lanes and make it hard to drive through the lanes and enter/exit vehicles. Thanks! (9)

Facilities is on it.

Comment # 337
Sad Christmas is over but really excited about the year ahead. Glad the Interactive thing is settled and everyone is happy again. I know we aren't supposed to download or stream music but could we like buy a server and have music on it that we could play at our desks? (9)

IT is taking this under consideration as they make changes to our network in the future.

Comment # 338
I like the new, unified core values. Can we move back to a unified monthly staff meeting as well? I miss seeing CJ and LIP and hearing about things in their worlds. (8)

Individual monthly meetings allow more focused conversations and will continue, but no one is excluded from attending the other staff meetings… if you’d like to be looped into the date and times of the cj and LIP staff meetings, please email Kelsey at so she can send you an invite.

Comment # 339
What is MLG's relationship with CW? Are our services and supplies pro bono? (7)

CW isn’t under the MLG umbrella, but we are supporting the company’s incubation period to give the business its best shot at success and growth. CW is paying rent and is being charged for the majority of MLG services, but a few services are still being offered for free to help the company get on its feet.

December 2014

Morale Average: 8.39 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (95% participation rate)

Last month's average was 8.59 with 17 participants (100% participation rate)

Comment # 326
I LOVE the front desk!!!- Lindsey (10)


Comment # 327
Never better.... 2015! (10)

New year, new ideas, new possibilities!

Comment # 328
Looking forward to a great 2015 at MLG! (10)


Comment # 329
Looking forward to 2015. Thanks for a great holiday season. (9)

And thank you for being a part of it!

Comment # 330
It was a busy close to 2014... but I'm extremely excited for 2015 with MLG cj LIP BBC! Bring on the new year. :) (9)

We have a feeling it's going to be a good one… :)

Comment # 331
Thank you for the extra day off and holiday party gift cards. (6)

You're very welcome.

November 2014

Morale Average: 8.59 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 17 (100% participation rate)

Last month's average was 7.59 with 17 participants (94% participation rate)

Comment # 321
Everything is beautiful in it's own way (10)


Comment # 322
Things are good; looking forward to the holiday party! (9)


Comment # 323
Looking forward to 2015. (9)

A new year of endless possibilities!

Comment # 324
Turkey love! (9)

Gobble Gobble

Comment # 325
MLG...a great place for the holidays. (9)

It’s true!

October 2014

Morale Average: 7.59 – 2 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 17 (94% participation rate)

Last month's average was 7.76 with 17 participants (100% participation rate)

Comment # 316
I love my job. I'm very excited for the holiday festivities to begin! (10)

‘Tis the season!

Comment # 317
All good (9)


Comment # 318
I hope the annual planning meetings result in clear objectives that will result in success in LIP and CJ allowing upward mobility for all colleagues in all companies. (7)

That’s what we’re striving for!

Comment # 319
Can we do this quarterly? (7)

Life comes at you fast... we like monthly.

Comment # 320
The micro management is unbearable at times. Also, passive aggressive emails are not a proper way for management to get their employees to be productive or keep them happy, It actually lowers their morale. People within departments are throwing their own colleagues under the bus. Hard to be motivated to be a part of a team when you can’t even trust your department. Did anyone else read The Speed of Trust? Teamwork makes the dream work-- we all need to remember that. (3)

We certainly feel your frustration, but this particular venue can’t solve your problem. An open, honest dialogue is the most direct route to a solution that can positively affect your department AND your morale. We urge you to find someone you trust—even if it’s Arnie, Jimmy, or Chris—and start that fierce conversation.

Comment # XXXX
No response – (4)

- Your score would mean a lot more if you could add a comment so we could have the opportunity to make things better for you.

September 2014

Morale Average: 7.76 – 1 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 17 (94% participation rate)

Last month's average was 7.69 with 17 participants (94% participation rate)

Comment # 311
The cj conference was fantastic this year. Having been employed here for a few years I've seen an array of formats that have been used and this was the best so far. Renee did a great job and I really appreciate the Friday parking lot party. (9)

We agree. This year’s conference was the best yet, and Renee did a wonderful job with its execution!

Comment # 312
I am very excited about 2015. (9)


Comment # 313
I am I, Don Quixote A man of La Mancha and I enjoy tilting at windmills, tennis, horseback riding and working at Malham Leverage Group (9)

We love a good story, but is that a real 9?

Comment # 314
I love staff meeting bagels (7)

As you should ;)

Comment # 315
Fewer and fewer updates on the status of CJ/interactive as time goes on makes me nervous. I understand the nature of the transition is difficult to explain when you're in the middle of working with possibilities and not a lot of concrete facts, but I think any kind of update (even we have no further information) would help keep rumors down. When official voices stop talking, it leaves room for others. (7)

We apologize for the lull in communication... Per the staff meetings last week, everyone should be up to speed on the status of Interactive.

Comment # XXXX
No response – (3)

- Your score would mean a lot more if you could add a comment so we could have the opportunity to make things better for you.

August 2014

Morale Average: 7.69 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 17 (94% participation rate)

Last month's average was 7.5 with 18 participants (90% participation rate)

Comment # 305
Never better. (10)


Comment # 306
Enjoy working with other departments. Everyone is very cooperative, helpful and professional! (9)

Great to hear!

Comment # 307
Thanks for the extra day off after Christmas. More time to play with new toys! (9)

You’re welcome!

Comment # 308

Life is cool and made cooler because we're so close to Downtown and as Petula says .......
     When you're alone and life is making you lonely
     You can always go downtown
     When you've got worries, all the noise and the hurry
     Seems to help, I know, downtown
     Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
     Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
     How can you lose?
     The lights are much brighter there
     You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares
     So go downtown
     Things will be great when you're downtown
     No finer place for sure, downtown
Everything's waiting for you (9)

Location is everything :)

Comment # 309
Thank you for the extra holiday!
Can we get back up hiring A players and not so many interns. (7)

Our internship program has produced several exceptional full-time rockstars at the agency and beyond, and for this reason, we will continue to support it. There may be an exception or three, but interns throughout the organization’s history have proven to be “A” players through and through.

Comment # 310
Things are getting better. (6)

Always remember that striving and struggle precede success, even in the dictionary. – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Comment XXXX
No response – (3)

- Your score would mean a lot more if you could add a comment so we could have the opportunity to make things better for you.

July 2014

Morale Average: 7.50 – 2 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 18 (90% participation rate)

Comment # 301
MLG Rocks. (10)


Comment # 302
Love the new lines in the car park. Could we perhaps have some lunch time lessons on the topic of "parallel and between". You know there's a problem when the paint shop gives you a VIP Customer card. (8)

Don't worry, Facilities has hatched a plan to convert our remaining parking lot anarchists :)

Comment # 303
Fantastic weather for a July! Nice parking lot! (7)

Thank you!

Comment # 304
It is hard to work somewhere that you feel underappreciated and very rarely do people say thank you. It makes going above and beyond when my schedule allows difficult because then that becomes the norm and is expected. Feeling very drained, underappreciated and over utilized. (3)

The entire organization prides itself on recognition and appreciation for its team members. Whether for delivering excellence day in and day out, or for offering moments of heroic action as might be necessary, the goal is to always offer an abundance of thanks. If you are not getting the recognition and appreciation you feel you deserve, status quo should not be an option. Please find the courage to speak up and step toward a win-win solution.

Comment XXXX
No response – (3)

- Your score would mean a lot more if you could add a comment so that we could have the opportunity to make things better for you.

June 2014

Morale Average: : 7.78 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 23 (100% participation rate)

Comment #299
Summer makes life beautiful. Soccer makes it perfect. (8)

We couldn’t agree more!

Comment #300
Nice place to work! Everything clean and orderly. (8)

Just the way we like it :)

May 2014

Morale Average: : 7.68 – 0 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 19 (86% participation rate)

Comment #291
Thank you for 3+ wonderful years! It's been a blast and I appreciate having the opportunity to work alongside each and every one of you - y'all ROCK! In memory of a phenomenal woman, here is one of her many quotes that resonates with me during this stage of my life: “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”" ~ Maya Angelou Onward and Upward! Kristine :) (10)

Thank YOU for your countless contributions over the last 3+ years... You will truly be missed, and we wish you nothing but the best as you pursue your true passion in Baltimore!

Comment #292
Truly impressive support from everyone! (10)

We couldn’t agree more!

Comment #293
Keeping that 15 / 15 in mind all the time. (9)

Our eyes are on the prize…

Comment #294
Always good! (9)

And always good to hear!

Comment #295
This is kind of petty, but hey, you asked: I'm not sure we are still feeling the love from Five Star food services in our new break room market. It seems like it doesn't get replenished as often as before and we aren't getting higher quantities of popular items that sell out quickly. Instead we get enough Hummus to choke a horse (camel). Now I like Hummus as much as the next person (that is, I'll eat it when I want to appear cultured) but enough is enough. (8)

Our market is currently replenished every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, as well as needed. The sales rep is paid on a commission basis, so it’s in his best interest to stock the most frequently purchased items. As a market less than two months old, the only way to determine what items (and quantities) to stock is by trial and error.

Facilities recognizes the absurd surplus of hummus that used to plague the cooler, but the team recently resolved the issue. We hope the looming pressure to appear cultured has lessened, and feel free to direct any further suggestions for the market to We want to stock what sells! :)

Comment #296
Glad to see that cj hired from the internal staff to fill the Director of Interactive (We think you meant Creative Services?) position. I hope this is the beginning of a trend to promote to higher positions within the companies. (8)

Jennifer Floyd was the leader of that department long before she received the title of Director. Her promotion was only natural after years of top notch performance!

Comment #297
isn't HR supposed to be confidential? I'm surprised we're letting an intern work in that department. (6)

HR is indeed a confidential department, but our intern has restricted access to employee information. Since he only spends 10 hours per week with Carmen, his time is dedicated to nonconfidential administrative tasks. The remaining 20 hours of his week are split between Creative Services and Client Services.

Comment #298

If you can keep your head when all about you 
 	Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, 
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, 
	But make allowance for their doubting too; 
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, 
	Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, 
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating, 
	And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise: 
If you can dream—and not make dreams your master; 
	If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim; 
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster 
	And treat those two impostors just the same; 
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken 
	Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, 
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, 
	And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, 
	Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch, 
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, 
	If all men count with you, but none too much; 
If you can fill the unforgiving minute 
	With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, 
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, 
	And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!
Kipling	(5)

‘If’ is a timeless piece of literature. Thank you for sharing!

April 2014

Morale Average: 7.32 – 3 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 22 (100% participation rate)

Comment #288
LOVE the new break room - and the benefits meeting this year were the best yet. Love how things are shaping up! (9)

We do too!

Comment #289
All Good (8)


Comment #290
Facilities did a great job in getting better food options in kitchen
Free coffee
Continued health care coverage

Discontinuing HSA contributions
No 401k / retirement plan (7)

Kudos to Facilities (kitchen remodel) and HR (open enrollment)!

As for HSA contributions, we decided to put all healthcare expenditures into one single amount that is paid towards each employee’s coverage, which is $300/month. Last year the company contributed roughly $278 per employee per month on healthcare benefits, which included any contributions towards funding HSA plans. By increasing the benefit from $278 to $300, overall plan costs will be lower for employees, the savings from which can be used towards funding an employee’s HSA account should he/she choose. And as we’ve stated in the past, we choose to offer a profit-share plan versus a 401k for both professional and personal reasons. Thanks for the feedback.

March 2014

Morale Average: 7.13 – 3 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 23 (100% participation rate)

Comment #285
Still not understanding how each MLG employee can help obtain 15/15 Are the other MLG companies commissioned to do the same or are we the only ones attempting to cut costs? (7)

15/15 can be obtained several ways: cut expenses (in areas that are in surplus), improve margins (do what we do more efficiently), and increase revenue (on existing services or by creating new ones). Our preference is to focus on improving margins and increasing revenues. You can help us reach our goal by auditing processes so we can find ways to become more efficient, and by helping to identify new revenue opportunities that we might not have previously considered.

Comment #286
Wow. I hope I don't have a bad day and lose my job because of it. (4)

In a culture of “get it wrong, make it better, make it right” we have never and will never make an employee decision based solely on one occurrence or one bad day. We understand a recent staffing decision may have appeared harsh, but trust in your leadership team and have confidence in knowing that the decision was made after very serious consideration and was based on several factors, not just one incident and not just one day.

Comment #287
I would have put this in the last morale survey, but I had already submitted my survey before being yelled at. S-T-O-P Y-E-L-L-I-N-G A-T M-E V-I-A E-M-A-I-L! This is not something anyone should send, much less the head of the company. And these types of emails seem to be increasing in frequency lately. If you want to rally the troops, then give a passionate speech in the next staff meeting about whatever thing(s) the employees aren’t doing enough of. Don’t send these emails please. It makes me question the direction and leadership of this company. Thank you. (3)

The request to participate was meant to be a rallying cry, not an attempt to yell at you. We feel strongly about our morale program and want as many people to participate as possible. If you have other ideas on how to increase participation, we’d love to hear them. T-H-A-N-K-S!

February 2014

Morale Average: 7.15 – 1 scores at or below 4

Total Number of Participants – 20 (83% participation rate)

Like the direction that my department is heading in. (8)

Fantastic! ☺

Everyone seems out for themselves. (4)

We appreciate your comment but based on the comment alone, we can only affirm that our core values respect, trust, collaboration, proactivity and service are top of mind and taken seriously at an organizational level. As far as individuals go, we encourage you to talk to your manager about your implied concerns.

January 2014

Morale Average - 7.78

Total Number of Participants – 18 (75% participation rate)

focus and communication makes everything better (10)


Coming in at a strong nine this month due to renewed optimism that MLG is indeed a great place to work. The support we provide the businesses is crucial to their success. They are our customers and their demands are not always easy, but they afford us a fantastic place to work with wonderful colleagues. Let's continue to provide cost effective services in 2014 with excellent results. (9)

Thank you.

Everything is good. Not a fan of "winter". (8)

Hang in there…spring is on its way.

Is it true that other departments have slush funds, their own EOM and holiday parties? Why would some departments have this and not others? (6)

Every manager has reasonable discretion to reward and motivate their teams as they see fit. Thanks for your question, but if you need further clarification please talk to your team manager.

December 2013

Morale Average - 7.55

Total Number of Participants – 20 (83% participation rate)

Future is full of opportunity for those who embrace change and rise to the challenges it brings (10)

Couldn’t agree more!

This is the first time I've given a 10 on this survey, but I really want express how grateful I am for having the opportunity to work for such a thoughtful company. Thank you for the holiday party, beer Friday's, movies on the TV's and all the other "little" things that make coming to work every day a pleasure. (10)

Thank you! Hope the 10 sticks around for a while.

I had a great time at the Jimmy Bewley Presents: The MLG Holiday Party - brought to you by Felicity Carr. :-) thank you! (9)

Glad you enjoyed the evening.

Let's keep moving forward together as a team. We can make 2014 even better than 2013. (9)

Yes we can!

Thanks for the bonus! It is always appreciated this time of year. (9)

You’re welcome!

Christmas is exhausting. Fun, but exhausting. (8)

Hope you got some rest and are ready to have a great 2014!

life is average (6)

well, ok. Hopefully 2014 is excellent…or at least above average.

Bonus Structure. Word gets around. Not Fair, Not Cool... (6)

We actually go to great lengths to make sure word does “get around” as we want everyone to be fully informed on how the annual employee profit-sharing bonus plans work. Projected payouts for both cj and MLG are always posted in the War Hall every month so everyone can see how payouts are forecasting.

The Holiday party was fun. Thanks for the bonus but I'm confused on how it was calculated for each employee. I don't understand how a less tenured employee received a larger amount than a longer tenured employee. (5)

Generally speaking, individual compensation is confidential information, but the employee profit-share bonus calculations are designed to be as transparent as possible. Unless there was an error in calculating an employee’s profit-share bonus, which we will review, a less tenured employee should not have received a larger amount of profit-share than a more tenured employee from the same company. However, profit-sharing amounts from company to company do vary based on specific results from each company.

Are we to believe MLG Board members (and in that case cj Leadership and LIP Leadership) received the same bonus as the rest of us? The perception is that they received much more, which I find interesting since the leaders who have the biggest influence over the combined net income of cj and LIP are not held accountable to the same profit sharing program as the rest of us. Seems to me those that are in positions to make the strategic decisions that impact company profitability are not held accountable, but the individuals on the front-line doing what is asked of them (in many cases while being overworked and underpaid) are the ones being penalized for poor leadership decisions. (5)

By position and responsibility, company leadership teams participate in different annual profit-sharing plans than all other employees—no one participates in both plans. We do believe that leadership positions are highly accountable to Arnie and Jimmy as well as each other, their teams, and the employee population as a whole. If you lack confidence in the leadership teams and/or feel you are overworked and underpaid, you owe it to yourself and the organizations to discuss those concerns with your manager to see how you can contribute more, exceed expectations, and have a bigger impact.

Here’s the bonus story for team cj:
Every cj team member receives 1/10th of 1% of net profit (as posted in War Hall)
5 years+ gets 2X that amount / 10 years+ gets 3X that amount
After that expense, cj Leadership members receive about 1% of the remaining profit number

Here’s the bonus story at LIP:
Every LIP specialist receives $5 for every month of service to the company.
After that expense, LIP Management is rewarded various levels of bonuses depending on tenure, position, and perceived contribution.

Here’s the bonus story for MLG:
Every MLG team member receives half of 1/10th of 1% of cj profit + 50% of 1/10th of 1% of LIP profit
5 years+ gets 2X that amount / 10 years+ gets 3X that amount
After that expense, MLG Leadership members receive varying amount of profit depending on position

After all bonuses are paid out (about $250k), Arnie and Jimmy receive any remaining funds not needed for company growth or taxes.

None are designed to be a secret… just math. All bonuses are paid in descending order.

November 2013

Morale Average - 8.14

Total Number of Participants – 22 (96% participation rate)

Thankful to be employed! (10)

☺ Thankful to have you on the team!

This crew is on point for 2014 (9)

Woo Hoo - looking forward to 2014!

I'm very happy here. Chris rocks!!! (9)

Happy you’re here. Chris does ROCK!!

MLG is a great place to work with many opportunities to grow professionally. Everyone is on the same team working towards a common goal. I love seeing the business development and sales strategies being executed at LIP. How are things going in CJ? (9)

We love your enthusiasm! CJ, too, is on a role, finishing up a strong year and planning out its success strategies for 2014 and beyond.


Keep it up!


Holiday decorations are up and they look great!

It is disappointing that the majority of employees that leave cj/LIP/MLG, leave on bad terms. This sheds a poor light on all companies and we are establishing a reputation in the community. Do we realize this and is there something we are trying to do to turn the tables? (7)

Whether it’s a voluntary or involuntary departure, our priority is always to part on the best possible terms and we always take intentional steps toward that goal. Regardless of the departing employee’s perception of their time in the organization or their departure, we will always want take the high road on items of this importance.

Morale is low this month after reading comments and viewing last quarter's MLG's services survey. I am disheartened after working long days, trying to provide the best possible service one can and go well beyond the job description to make people happy yet continually to disappoint for reasons that are often out of my span of control. The leadership team should be subject to a similar quarterly survey, as many of the opportunities and limitations that the MLG departments are given relate directly to objectives of the leadership team; if the employees are to be held accountable, then so, too, must executive membership be. (6)

We would argue that this morale survey is in fact the accountability tool you seek for Leadership. While the intent of the MLG Services Survey is to identify opportunities to build on successes and improve problem areas, we do understand how difficult it can be to work hard with good intentions and feel unappreciated. Since the survey is a direct reflection of the leadership each department is given, we encourage you to share your concerns, frustrations and ideas with your leadership for how to make needed change happen.

Bonus Question:

If you could share Thanksgiving dinner this year with one person in history who would it be?

  1. Albert Einstein.
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. Henry VIII - That dude knew his drumsticks
  4. Tyler Durden
  5. Bob Marley
  6. Jimi Hendrix
  7. Rosa Parks
  8. Ghandi, 'cause he eats light (I love Thanksgiving left overs) ;)
  9. my grandfather
  10. Abraham Lincoln--the dude was honest, determined, principled, walked with incredible integrity, and besides that he was funny.
  11. Jimmy Bewley...he makes history every day.

October 2013

Morale Average - 8.24

Total Number of Participants – 21 (100% participation rate)

Fun time of year! And Dustin fixed my air vent. I'm comfortable and happy in my office. (9)

If you’re happy, we’re happy. Go Dustin!

A strong nine. I am excited about the possibilities in 2014. Let's create wins with new sales across all companies. (9)

We love your enthusiasm for growth, whether it’s adding clients and/or improving profitability on existing ones – we are with you.

Enjoyed seeing all the Halloween fun. Glad we don't take ourselves so seriously we can't do that. (9)

This year was by far the best display of Halloween spirit we’ve ever seen! Thanks for participating and reveling in the fun.

HR rocks!!!! (9)

Thanks for the encouragement – HR is ROCKIN!

Who is the Morales you are asking me about? I don't know no Morales. If you see him though you tell him that he owes me the money (9)

Umm, sure thing, you got it.... huh?

This is just a great place to work. I love being able to work so easily with so many good people. (9)

We agree!

Please be mindful of the noise level when in the break room people are working close by. (8)

Thanks for the reminder.

September 2013

Morale Average - 7.65

Total Number of Participants – 23 (100% participation rate)

The MLG team rocks! (10)

Yes it does!

My role within MLG continues to provide me with challenging opportunities that enable professional growth. I am excited about the possibilities for CJ and LIP in 2014. Are there action plans focused recapturing clients in the Las Vegas or Colorado media markets?

We’re always looking out for the right potential client, regardless of market.

great supportive staff! (9)


I thought I already did this. Its always good. Thanks! (9)

Thanks for participating, again! The morale program is important to us and we will continue to ask every month, regardless if we need to or not.

Pretty new here but I'm been thoroughly impressed by the culture so far. I sat in Arnie's culture panel at the cj Conference, I was glad to see he understands the importance of creating a good environment for your people. If you do extra for your people they will do extra for you in return. I came from an environment that was pretty stuffy and opposite in almost every way than MLG, and the reason I left that company was because of the poor/lacking culture, I just got exhausted of being in that environment, going into work became a drag. I think leaders here have their heads on straight when it comes to culture and I look forward to what will crop up in the future. (8)

Thanks! We’re glad you could be a part of our team and we’re happy to hear you enjoy (and appreciate) our culture.

My score is down a bit this month. I know several of us have taken on more responsbility lately, just wish ALL of us could get a "good job" from time to time. I tell myself "good job" all the time but just isn't the same :) (7)

Thank you! Your comment spurred a discussion around our Thank You Card Program. Let this serve as a reminder to all to support our culture of recognition. There are many ways to say “thanks” – Thank You Cards, Daily Rocker, and Peer Recognition at Global Staff Meetings. We should all do our part to take a minute and thank someone for his/her efforts. If you have any questions regarding our recognition programs or ideas for new ways to recognize a co-worker, please contact Kristine Baetz.

missing the days when the commodes in this building actually flushed (6)

Thanks to your comment and several other comments regarding our toilets, we quickly took action and fixed the commode problem. Thanks for the notification. If you notice any future issues, please submit a Facilities Help Desk ticket.

Very busy (6)

We appreciate your hard work!

I have really enjoyed Spirit Week. I also enjoyed Touchdown Tailgating Thursday, Camelback Music Festival, MLG Prom, Dress Like The Decade You Went To High School Day, Class Colors Day, March Madness Team Spirit Day and even Ugly Holiday Sweater Day. Amid a host of festive fun that comes to our work lives here at MLG, these ones stand out as more than memorable. Why then I hear you asking yourselves, is my morale at a 6? The answer is simple really – because 6 is the time in the morning that I get reminded on my phone with a loud ringing and buzzing that these events are occurring! Please, I beg you, in the name of all that’s holy and for the survivability of my marriage, my dogs and cats (they suffer when I suffer) someone TURN OFF THE 18 HOUR REMINDER when setting these events up!! I’m just asking that you take a few extra seconds, when setting those reminders for me to wear my finest flannel footies or other crazy fun carnival, to make sure my reminder siren goes off during daylight hours at least – preferably even when I am at the office! Thanks for the fun and your kind attention to the above matter. I look forward to providing you with a score of 10 – I could do with the sleep in!!!!! (6)

Thank you...we all needed a good laugh. This may be the comment of the year!! We will be mindful of the “Reminder” setting when scheduling all day events on the cj Calendar.

Change!...gotta love it? (1)

Change!...gotta have it! Don’t believe us? Remember a company named Blockbuster?

August 2013

Morale Average - 7.33

Total Number of Participants – 18 (86% participation rate)

great people doing great work, never better

(10) We agree!

Love my job. Thank you Chris, Jimmy & Arnie for everything you guys do to make this a great place to work!

(9) YAY! Thank you for everything you do to make this a great place to work.

I enjoy my job and the challenges associated with it. How are things progressing with media sales effort?

(9) While we have put systems in place to capture additional opportunities that may be seeking our services, the agency is not aggressively marketing for additional clients but is instead striving to better serve its current clients. Currently, all concentrated marketing efforts are focused on growing Legal Intake.

seen the new vision statement, sounds like the old vision statement...details please

(7) Assuming you are referring to the new LIP vision statement, you are correct, as we are actually going “back to the future.” In recent years the vision for Legal Intake shifted and focused more on revenue growth than on client service. Now we are returning to our original vision of providing the best legal intake for firms that value legendary empathy, consistent professionalism and total focus on every call. We are re-evaluating LIP standard procedures and clients to ensure we are holding true to this vision.

A lot of people leaving and positions not being replaced. Put's a strain on those that remain. What happened with the MLG website? No changes to employees in the past year or two. just sayin'

(6) The MLG site is scheduled to be retrofitted after the cj site. We recognize it’s long overdue for an update and we’re working it up the priority list…please continue to be patient. In response to your first statement, in order to create the most leverage with the best resources possible, we have to continuously evaluate our processes and look for efficiencies. We understand a workload evaluation such as this puts a strain on some people and we appreciate your support and confidence through this transition. As for the number of people leaving, MLG’s trailing 12 month average for turnover is 15% involuntary and 35% voluntary. To see these percentages plus other important KPI’s, please take a look at our War Hall.

Feeling very under appreciated.

(5) How can we help?

It's weird around here. Seems like a lot happening but no one is saying anything.

(4) We hope the recent MLG Staff Meeting answered many of your questions, but if you have additional ones that were not addressed, please either speak with your manager or be more specific on the next survey and we’ll respond appropriately.

July 2013

Morale Average - 6.67

Total Number of Participants – 18 (78% participation rate)

love the high-level collaboration toward collective success (10)


My score slipped by one point from 9 to 8 this month due to lack of strategic objectives. We suffer from no shortage of visions and BHAGS, but we are missing executable objectives that will ensure the visions and BHAGS become a reality. Let's turn those legendary goals into action items. (8)

Action items are on the way. A plan is in the works and we’ll share with the group very soon. Thank you.

Holding strong.

(7) Keep it up!

So with a four day notice we find out that the company HR Director is leaving? Wow...

(6) Two weeks is not a lot of time to prepare for a management departure like this one. Our goal was to determine the continuity plan before announcing Rachel’s decision to leave so we would be equipped to provide as many answers as possible.

I was disappointed that the HR transition notice went out to employees only a few days before Rachel left. It makes it look like you were hiding something ... and everyone loves a juicy story. Thank you for July 5th off. More employees should be saying thank you and not taking things like that for granted.

(6) Thank you for your feedback. We would have appreciated more notice too. See comment 233.

Just curious as to the direction of the companies, again. In the past 1-2 years, a lot of hires were made to bring in outside “experts” to high-level positions within all the companies. But lately, a lot of those same experts were let go and replaced with interim, internal leaders. What does that mean?

(6) Situations arise, both internally and externally, that affect the company’s direction. We are responding to both the market and individual career choices, and we’ll continue to adapt as the circumstances require. We appreciate your patience and support as we move forward.

Not a fun place any more. We work a lot and no one even says thanks.

(4) Thanks for your honest feedback. Our goal is to provide a fun and productive work environment that is appreciative to all for their considerable efforts. First and foremost…Thank you for your efforts and contributions.

Changes that affect me and my team are taking place and I don't have a say in anything. Feeling blah...!

(2) Hang in there. As plans come together we’ll make sure we move forward in a direction that is good for everyone.

June 2013

Morale Average - 7.65

Total Number of Participants - 18 (87% participation rate)

The MLG team meeting was a great channel of communication. I believe this (personally) eased alot of the unknown and provided an outlook for what is to come. Also, it was great to see "who" actually makes up the MLG team. (10)

We agree – the meeting was productive and informative. Expect to see more MLG Services meetings in the near future.

Just hit the one year mark! It's been a crazy year, but I can honestly say I still come to work with the same enthusiasm I did on my first day here. Leadership, thank you for listening... but more importantly, thank you for caring enough to really listen. Can't wait to see where this next year will take us! ~Kelsey (10)

Thank you. It has been a crazy year and we’re glad to still see a lot of enthusiasm coming from the group - keep it up!

All good in the neighborhood. Thanks for the MLG Services Meeting! (9)

We agree!

I am excited to hear discussions concerning sales strategies for CJ. The Agency provides top quality services and we need to ensure that message is communicated to current prospective clients. The results regarding the 401K analysis will be interesting to hear about during Q3. (9)

As Associate Director of Client Services, Richmond is tasked with handling sales strategies for the agency. A significant amount of work has already been accomplished and set in motion. We will communicate current strategies very soon.

My morale is down a bit because of yet another out of the blue staff reduction (Chris Sammons). I get that sometimes hard decisions have to be made regarding the overall good of the companies but it still doesn't make me feel much better. (6)

MLG is staffed to meet the business needs as efficiently and effectively as possible and we continue to make the best decisions to position the companies for continued growth and success. The recent choice to eliminate a position was well thought out and was not taken lightly. While it may seem sudden and as a surprise, all parties involved were well aware in advance.

Things seem to be getting a little better, but I'm still a little concerned that things aren't going the right direction for everyone. But we'll see... (5)

We are focused on moving the company in the right direction every single day! The road may be a bit challenging, but we are going to do anything but stand still.

I absolutely love my job and what I do and I believe in Arnie's current vision but I don't feel secure with career progression here. Hopefully that feeling will change. (4)

Everyone is in control of their own career development and growth. What we can provide are the tools to develop new skills and produce outstanding work in a challenging environment.

May 2013

Morale Average - 7.09

Total Number of Participants - 23 (100% participation rate)


I can't choose a score of 11. Can you have IT fix that please? (10)

☺ Thanks – glad to hear your morale is off the charts!

Booty booty booty booty rockin er'where! (10)

Your comment gave us a good laugh. Thank you!

Thank you for providing me with a gratifying position that I enjoy every day. My score would be a 10 if we had the ability to contribute to a 401K. It would provide a retirement tax shelter for colleagues planning to remain with MLG for the long-term future. (9)

Per this and other requests, we have committed to an analysis and re-evaluation of a 401k plan by third quarter 2013.

Positive, upbeat environment! Business is good and steadily getting better. (9)

Thanks for your vote of confidence and support.

I miss the old helpdesk. MLG IT employees would come down to your desk, be pleasant, fix your problem, and even come back later to check in and make sure everything is ok. The new helpdesk is awful. Their service is provided over the phone, and my past 3 instances with helpdesk ticket support (with a different support tech each time) have all yielded the same poor customer service. It sounds like they’re half-asleep and/or the last thing they want to do in that moment is help you. It’s sad. I’ve reported my concerns to Jim/Shane each time. I’ve also heard other employees joke about the poor customer service they get from the new helpdesk. Is this what I have to look forward to as the future of MLG services? I like working here because everyone from every department in cj/mlg CARES. Working with a helpdesk that doesn’t care makes this place feel like other crappy jobs I’ve had in the past. I guess we’ve made this move to save money? I hope we’re not paying much for this service, because it’s not up to our standards. If we must use them, can we force them to read Secret Service: Hidden Systems that Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service by John DiJulius? They could use some lessons from this book. (7)

We hear you and we understand your concerns. I.T. has taken a few steps to improve the help desk service. To begin with, they’ve moved the help desk team back on-site and they’ve added ongoing Mac support every Wednesday. We appreciate your feedback and your patience as the I.T. team continues to make improvements.

Have you ever considered bringing members other than just Leadership and the Board into strategic meetings? We use the term "win/win" yet when it comes to long-term planning around the company, there's more of a top-down approach. Involving the creative thought leaders of the organization (outside of just the executive team) in the discussion could prove to be a "win/win" for all of us. Many of us look to build a long-term career here (in cj, LIP, and MLG) and we want to continue to create a strong, profitable, and unique company. It would be nice to feel a bit more involved in laying the foundation for the future. We pride ourselves on hiring top talent, well let's get these folks in a room and discuss where the company is going and what we can do together as a team to create a path to success. KPI's on a wall are nice aspects of company transparency, but not everyone prefers that method of communication. Let's get together as a group and have a conversation...maybe a company specific staff meeting to discuss the overall strategic plans.?. (6)

We commit to get an agreed upon, documented strategic plan published and communicated in the coming weeks. We admit – without a clear roadmap, it is hard to see where we are going. We’ll plan to hold a MLG Services meeting in the coming weeks so we can have a conversation as you suggested, and ensure we are all working towards the same goal.

I'm starting to get concerned with job security here. It seems as if weekly a manager makes a comment that things are being scrutinized, even if we (the internal employees) didn't have anything to do with the issue. (5)

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, but that does not mean we want you to come to work with feelings of uncertainty. We all have to continue to bring our best every day. Based on your comment and others, we recognize that an environment with an undefined or unclear strategy creates anxiety. We will work to improve communication around the company’s strategic plans and hopefully in doing so some of your concerns will be at ease. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to your manager or any member of the executive team.

I think it is a bit ridiculous that we have a lactation room for pregnant women yet no area that those without an office can make a private phone call. To do so one has to occupy an empty office or literally leave the building. I'm not against the lactation room, just pointing out that at any one time maybe 5% of the entire work force here is eligible to use that area, whereas if the company purchased a few phone booth's off Ebay and put them in a public area, 100% of the employees could benefit. (5)

The lactation room is required by law. We have not considered the fact that many do not have a private place to make a phone call, therefore, we will evaluate our options and see what we can come up with. Thanks for the suggestion.

Working a LOT but getting no thanks for it (4)

Thank you. No seriously, thank you! Unfortunately, there are many of us that probably don’t show appreciation enough. Your comment serves as a good reminder to take the time and say thanks – write a thank you note, nominate a co-worker for recognition at the staff meeting or as a daily rocker, or just take the old-fashioned route and say “thank you!” We do appreciate your hard work.

There is a lot of pressure on me. I think that if I say one thing wrong I might get fired. I work hard and do all I can to make the place good but still I don't think management cares they are just looking for someone to blame (2)

We do not want anyone to feel this way. We encourage you to talk to anyone, from your manager on up, so that he or she can help alleviate your feelings of uncertainty or stress. We recognize that you cannot operate at your best when you feel as if you are constantly walking on eggshells. Please have a conversation and let us help make your work environment better.

April 2013

Morale Average - 7.95

Total Number of Participants - 19 (76% participation rate)


As I'm closing out my first month here, I've had nothing but kindness and a friendly welcoming since starting! I love this place!! (10)

Yay, so glad to hear!

day to day continues to improve by leaps and bounds; some long-term vision and strategy would make things even better (10)

Thank you for your comment. We admit we fell short on communicating the company vision and strategic plan, which may have led to a gap between understanding the company vision and how your role fits into the overall strategy. The executive team is committed to aggressively publicize the strategic plans and vision over the next several months.

I love my department! HR (9)

We do too!

I really feel like this is one of the best places to work. The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is that I'm stingy. (9)

That’s fair.

Thanks for taking the time to ask. (9)

You’re welcome. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I still love coming to work in the morning and accomplishing the tasks that will lead us to a financially healthy company. (9)

Fantastic – thank you!

My score would be a little higher if we had a 401k :) (8)

We feel the annual Profit Sharing is the best route for the overall organization and you can invest that money as you so choose. That being said, it has been a while since we’ve looked into a 401k plan. Per this and other requests, we will commit to an analysis and re-evaluation by third quarter 2013.

Since not all of us check social media outlets while at work, would it be possible to have a few of TV monitors on TV stations for news or special events so we can keep up with the outside world? Have we completely ruled out 401K opportunities for employees? Has the executive group even looked into it lately? Someone asked about floating holidays on the last survey - doesn't LIP management have x number of holidays that they can use for any holiday they so choose? Wouldn't it be progressive for MLG to do the same so we can service our customers at all times? (7)

Thank you for your feedback. The Communications and I.T. teams will look into the possibility of dedicating certain TV’s for news and special events – thanks for the suggestion. Please see employees that are required to work holidays. What you are asking for would need to be considered on an individual basis and at the manager’s discretion, please open a discussion with your manager.

March 2013

Morale Average - 8.33

Total Number of Participants - 15 (65% participation rate)


Teams getting stronger and stronger (10)


Great team! (10)

Couldn’t agree more!

It would be 10 but I am saving a point for either a special or a rainy day. I am yet to decide. (9)

There’s nothing wrong with saving – we’ll look for that 10 in future months!

My job continues to be gratifying and challenging while providing a work-life balance. (9)

That’s awesome – if you’re happy, we’re happy!

Appreciate the work being done on the scorecard (oh yeah, bad word)...I mean the rethinking incentive's program. Looking forward to seeing the win-win for everyone. (7)

Thank you – we are excited to roll out the new program too. Stay tuned for more details.

February 2013

Morale Average - 8.0

Total Number of Participants - 17 (74% participation rate)


continued progress, improved clarity, strong people (10)


We are moving in the right direction. The difficult issues are being confronted slowly, but surely. I feel fortunate to have Arnie as a CEO. My morale is high because I know he has the ability to land large clients that will help this company grow. He also cares greatly about the employees. (9)

Happy to have your trust and support!

Before encouraging your colleagues to "Own It", please take a step back and think about whether or not YOU did everything you could do before you place blame on someone else. We're all in this together! (8)

We agree – thanks for the comment.

Thank you for the holidays provided. Since we serve multiple companies, one being a 24/7 operation, could floating holidays become an option for MLG? (7)

Floating holidays can be interpreted and implemented several different ways in any business. Our approach is to offer as much flexibility with PTO as possible so that everyone can custom plan their Personal Time Off. Since we’re a bit unsure as to what exactly you are asking for (PTO, comp time, etc.?), please reach out to your manager directly and start a discussion.

Thank you for conducting the scorecard survey. While I'm sure you received plenty of food for thought, please keep in mind that not only do these scorecards have an impact on the company's bottom line and the employee's yearly increase, it also has a huge impact on morale. Not many people like going into a challenge when it seems as though they're being set up to fail from the beginning. (6)

The scorecard program was set up as a way to define, support, and reward success. We want the program to motivate our talented people, not frustrate them, which is why we have a team of people working together to explore better ways to create incentive and reward accomplishments. A new solution is in the works – stay tuned.

January 2013

Morale Average - 7.78

Total Number of Participants - 18 (75% participation rate)


Heading the right direction. (9)

That is good news!

I love working here! (9)

YAY - we love having you here!

Please don’t use the bathroom to talk your cell phone, we have a breakroom. (8)

We agree.

It’s pretty low this month, it just seems like all we are doing is putting bandaides on issues and never getting to fully fix the problems. And when something "hits the fan" people ask "why did this happen?", the simple answer is, we never get to fix the actual problem. I know this company is growing, but sometimes the best way to move forward is to stop and fix the issues at hand before moving forward with the growth plans. (4)

We agree with what you are saying, and we do wrestle with balancing priorities when making strategic decisions. Sometimes band-aids are necessary to buy time until we can plan a longer-range fix. But if you have ideas for how to fix a problem or if you believe a band-aid is making things worse, please speak up. You may have to say it a few times to get us to listen, but don’t let that stop you.

I wish I could mark this score higher, but I have to be truthful and say that things for me personally are not great. Issues such as changing the culture programs have contributed. While it’s understandable that reducing cost is necessary, management must realize that for many these programs are viewed employee retention nets; an inexpensive alternative to more common and valuable programs for employees, such as 401K’s and pension. Personally though, my moral has dropped significantly because I feel that there is very limited chance for advancement here. Although I have been told otherwise, it doesn’t seem likely as managerial positions are given to outside hires and there is no mentoring that I have received since being hired. In my opinion, leaders should be grooming candidates from within, pressing them to excel and supporting them in those endeavors. The reason for this is quite simple; it’s in the best interest of the company as a whole - pushing people upward from within is the the least expensive way of retaining knowledge that takes time (which equates to dollars) to acquire and allows for organic growth. Companies that fail to do this don’t grow; they may change but they at best most remain stagnate, others evaporate. Perhaps I’m under the wrong assumption and the companies (LIP,cj, MLG) don’t really want to improve or expand much more then their current state, however I do and I think most others here do also. Thank you. (3)

Thank you for being honest and sharing your concerns. Yes, we did scale back a few cultural programs but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to neglect all cultural aspects of our company. By reducing the cultural “sprawl” we’re actually able to provide more focused energy and resources to the programs that have the greatest impact. One area that may be of interest to you is our always robust training program. We are developing a plan to offer in-house management and leadership training intended to provide individuals the knowledge and tools needed to propel their growth. Take the initiative and share your goals, the training programs, and the potential management opportunities that interest you. Your success might come through an opportunity here or elsewhere and we firmly believe that by striving toward your best we’ll all win.

December 2012

Morale Average - 8.37

Total Number of Participants - 19 (76% participation rate)


The MLG team has reached a level of trust, respect, collaboration and service that makes anything possible, and that defines a 10 work environment. I'm proud to be on the team. (10)

We’re happy you’re here and we appreciate your confidence in the company.

Thank you for the holiday party and bonus checks! (9)

You’re welcome!

Strong leadership, good work ethic, sharp happy people, all make for a geat place to work. Only thing I have an issue with is bringing the sick kids to work. This is a workplace not a daycare. Please, think about it before you infect the entire office. (9)

If you or your child is sick, please consider those around you and use your best judgment when deciding whether to come to work or to stay home. Your coworkers may feel if your kids are too sick to go to school then they’re probably too sick to bring to work.

Awesome place to work! (9)

We couldn’t agree more!

November 2012

Morale Average - 8.04

Total Number of Participants - 25 (89% participation rate)


People are great! love the holiday decorations! And Margaret has dental floss(fyi) (10)

So Margaret is the person to seek when floss is needed?...good to know!

A bit wowed by the vitriol from the last morale survey. People need to stop playing high school games, get their heads down and do some work rather than bitching because they don't get their own way.They should get over themselves. I love my job and I love the people I work with. (9)

Thank you for your support.

So much to do, so little time but keeping eyes on the prize because Mr. Santa-man is a comin my way!!! (9)

Keep up the good work! Hope Santa brings you everything on your wish list!

recored high level of confidence in annual budgeting and planning for 2013 (9)


I look forward to coming to work every day because I feel my work and input is valued. (9)

Thank you – we are glad you feel this way!

Thanks for the upcoming Holiday Party - I'm really looking forward to it! In light of the recent changes and tightening of the budgets, it is nice to know that you keep this as a chance for all employees to gather and celebrate the year's accomplishments! (9)

Celebrate good times, c’mon!

I'm looking forward to the holiday party. Sometimes employees overlook the things the company does for them (i.e. providing health insurance and paying half their social security) but I would like Arnie and leadership to know that the annual recognition is very much appreciated (9)

Thank you!

I'm feeling very micromanaged these days. Hopefully it's just a phase my manager is going through right now. (5)

We encourage you to keep open communication with your manager – speak up and let him/her know how you feel.

Many people leaving and not being replaced, very ominous.. (3)

Many people staying and contributing to our success, very exciting..

October 2012

Morale Average - 8.28

Total Number of Participants - 15 (58% participation rate)


Fun day here! Seeing everyone in costume. Happy Holloweed! oh haha.I mean "Holloween" ! ((that was a Freudian slip......listening to NPR on the way into work, they were discussing legalization of marijuana) (10)

Agreed - this year’s Halloween celebration was by far the best. Kudos to FiSH and Spirit for organizing such an eventful day!

Over-all everything is good....just super busy so didnt score a 9/10. (8)

Thanks for all your hard work. Glad to see your morale still remains high…keep it up!

September 2012

Morale Average - 8.40

Total Number of Participants - 31 (65% participation rate)


Everything is good. However with flu season right around the corner could we please get real Kleenex back? The other stuff feels like tree bark on my nose :( (8)

Thanks for the feedback – we will reevaluate and try to find a balance between comfort and cost.

I love working here. Usually the night before work begins I am excited about tomorrow. (9)

That’s awesome – we’re glad you’re happy!

Overall we are heading in the right direction. (9)

We think so. Thanks for your support.

Great place to work! (9)

Glad you feel that way.

Can we please move a trash can to the other side of the kitchen like it used to be? It would make it so much easier to throw trash away on my way to my desk close to the vending machines. Thanks (7)

Facilities is always looking for ways to make our workplace cleaner, safer and more comfortable for all employees. Unfortunately, in this case we felt it was a bit gross to have a trash can located directly below our utensil dispensers. Thank you for your feedback, but we’ll keep the trash cans located in their current spot.

August 2012

Morale Average - 8.33

Total Number of Participants - 21 (70% participation rate)


Never better (10)

Glad you’re happy!

Its always good. People are great here! (10)

We agree – the people are awesome.

Lovin life….work is good. (9)

That’s always good to hear!

Life is great here! I love my job, the people I work with and the fun culture. I appreciate everything management does to ensure employees are happy. And let me just say thank you for offering a flexible work schedule - if an unexpected emergency arises I don't have to add extra stress to the situation because I'm worried about being late for work - I know that as long as I get in, complete my tasks and adjust my schedule so I am clocking at least 40 hours a week, then all is good. I just want to recognize that this is a HUGE perk that goes unnoticed sometimes and I appreciate management's understanding and support. Flexible schedules contribute to a healthier work/life balance! Oh, and I have yet to experience a day where I wake up and dread going to work...and, I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. MLG ROCKS! (9)

We put a high level of trust in our managers to ensure their team functions successfully and that the work gets done. The key to this is consistent communication. Thank you for your feedback – we’re glad to hear you are happy.

July 2012

Morale Average - 8.48

Total Number of Participants - 23 (72% participation rate)


1,2,3...Accounting Rocks! (10)

Thank you! Yes, they do.

Looking good! Accounting ROCKS! (10)


As some of us are getting our second Scorecards, a note about Outcomes and making the next set of them more aspirational. It's not about making them "harder to hit." Outcomes 2.0 are about raising the stakes. Raising the stakes increases your confidence. Not just for your self-esteem but for the quality of work you do. When you raise the stakes, you call your own bluff. And pretty soon, you ante up. And everyone wins. (10)

Thank you for

this reminder.

As a new employee, I'm amazed with the processes that have been put in place to support the employee. The type of concern/value that is placed on morale will pay (and has) paid for it's self....:) Very happy to be part of the team. (9)

We’re happy to have you.

Great Group, Great Energy! (9)

Thank you!

Working with MLG is like a fine wine - just keeps getting better with age! To prove that point I suggest we conduct an ongoing wine tasting every day. Starting with a 2012 Yellow Tail Petroleum Reserve and finishing with perhaps a 1954 Chateau Latour. (9)

Great idea. You bring the wine, we’ll bring the tasters!

I might have actually given a 10 this time, but not until we have a correctly functioning can opener in the kitchen area....:) (9)

A can opener seems like a reasonable request…have you submitted a helpdesk ticket?

June 2012

Morale Average - 8.18

Total Number of Participants - 22 (85% participation rate)


Pleased with the overall production of the team. Would like constructive feedback if falling short in a respectful and building manner if falling short in any areas. Last minute gripes can never be fixed if not voiced in a timely manner. (10)

Agreed. Thanks for the reminder.

Love my job!! (10)


Moral is high still here. Just sick of the crazy requests, and then the complaints about it. I mean we get anything anybody needs, but people still complain about things. Can't win 'em all. (9)

True, unfortunately. We’re glad it’s not impacting your spirit too much.

I normally use the comments in this survey to suggest improvements to the company and not a sounding board for my personal annoyances. However, after reading the comments from last month's cj moral survey I am compelled to express my aggravation in this month’s MLG survey. This relates to a comment that someone made about Michelle Viar leaving. It is understandable to cultivate an attachment for a manager and become disheartened to see them leave, as the moral comments from the Interactive department indicate. One comment though was so completely uncalled for it personally offended me; it ended as follows: "…I think I speak for us all when I say ‘Arnie, we'd rather have her as you.’” The audacity of a statement like this shows a complete lack of respect for someone who is not only ultimately responsible for employing nearly two hundred people (between the three companies) but also had the courage to take an unimaginable risk at a young age to start a business which has seen not only succeeded, but has had tremendous growth during one of the most economically depressing times in recent U.S. history. The selfish and callous attitude that resonates in the aforementioned comment speaks to the leadership and responsibility the author is apparently devoid of. The truth in business is that people come people go and everyone, no matter how great, is replaceable… but neither cj, LIP nor MLG would exist without Arnie. I, in fact, don’t think I can speak for anyone other than myself, but Arnie, I’d rather have you leading than anyone else I’ve worked for; thank you for all you have done. (8)

Thank you for your support.

its all good! (8)


Thanks to HR+ for responding quickly to concerns about the HSA plan. (7)

You’re welcome!

A little lower than the last few months. There seems to be a little uncertainty about some of the decisions being made and some of the changes that are on the horizon. So I guess you can say I'm cautiously optimistic, but a little nervous. (7)

You’re right. There is a lot of uncertainty right now and so we appreciate your optimism. As a few key decisions are made, everything else should start to fall into place. Hang in there! We’re on the right track.

Thank you for everything you do for us employees. We all really appreciate it. I do have two requests this time. 1) Can we make the hole bigger on the recycle bins for can sodas & foam cups? - When I put in my foam cup it doesn't fit and I'm weird about germs and don't want to lift the lid up. (That shouldn’t be a problem. Facilities is going to see what they can do.) 2) I love what we are doing for the shelters. Can we also support our troops by sending care packages and hand written letters like we once did? The troops are across seas and I know they would really love to have some letters from back home for emotional support/sanity reasons and care packages b/c they eat MRE meals ready to eat. Snack crackers, candy, etc are very valuable over there. I understand they signed up for this job but they work dangerously away from home under stress and sometimes hostility. I think they would really appreciate some love from us. (7)

This is definitely a worthy cause and we appreciate your passion. Get with Billy and talk through the process to see what the options are. CWAC hears you.

Up a little since last month, things are slowly getting better. (6)

Thanks. Please let us know how we can make it a LOT better.

May 2012

Morale Average - 8.00

Total Number of Participants - 22 (88% participation rate)


Go MLG!!!! You Rock the other Companies...... (10)


Love my job! Love MLG (10)

Love YOU!

I love my job! (10)

We love you!

As usual things are awesome! (10)

Nice ☺

  • As always morale is high. Just get a little upset sometimes when I go to the vending machine and it is down to bare bones. There are often a lot of empty spaces in the food machine along with the soda machine, the one on the left as you are looking at them. – We have increased the amount of times that the machines are serviced from two days a week to three days a week, but if you are still noticing some issues, submit a Helpdesk ticket and let our Facilities team know.
  • I know the constant is change in a growing company. But must we continuously rearrange departments and move people? I have no problem doing it, but it does kinda get old moving the same person 2-4 times. And I am sure it is not fun for that person either. Just a rant on this one, moves make me cranky.....;P – 9 – We totally understand, but unfortunately that’s the way it’s going to have to be for a while as we shuffle things around and try to create room for more people. We are working on a long term solution, but you’re going to have to bear with us for right now. It’s not an easy task and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Ok, so I'm a little ticked that I have nothing to complain about. I’m still new here, so I feel left out of all the fun of getting a snarky reply, so let me think of something I can complain about… hum… well… hum… The humidity in the new area… no wait, that seems to be better… hum… well, what about… Parking, yeah parking, everyone complains about that… but I really don’t mind walking from the Lea Lot, so I guess that’s out… hum… Oh! Oh, I got it… There isn’t enough Wii playing going on. That’s it, that’s what I can complain about, we are letting a perfectly good Wii going to waste. Can’t we do something about that? (9)

Play more, people! We’re glad you’re happy.

Enjoy my work (9)


I would like to see MLG inform its companies of what MLG departments’ job responsibilities are. I don't think the scorecards reflect this for every MLG employee. My scorecard only lists a small portion of what I actually do. I would like our companies to understand what each MLG departments’ job tasks are so that they do not get confused as to how we service them. I think it would be helpful for everyone to understand "what" service is - not the definition but what includes the services we provide them - detailed tasks so that we are all on the same page when MLG is evaluated from its companies. (7)

This is a great idea and inspired some good conversation. We will work to get this in motion in some form in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion.

My morale has dropped due to my dept being over worked and extremely underappreciated.(6)

We hate that you feel that way. No-one should feel that way and we ask that you simply start the conversation so that someone knows how you feel. Either talk to your manager or to someone who you believe can make a difference.

Lowest in a while. Busy busy busy and what seems like an insurmountable amount of change. I keep telling myself it's going to be worth it, but with some of the decisions being made I'm not sure about that anymore. Just feels like the ones that are impacted the most by decisions are not involved in a lot of preliminary discussions. (6)

As we’ve said many times before, change is constant and it can be very unsettling. We do take comments like this very seriously but we can’t possibly understand the reason for it without having a conversation. Please tell your manager how you feel and make sure that your concerns are understood.

How often are the ice scoops washed? (6)

Every day. The night-time cleaning crew washes them every day, seven days a week.

Really disappointed about the open enrollment this year. Absolutely no mention was made about anything other than health benefits (not true), and those were focused on one thing (not true), and seemingly one thing only: The HSA (not true). Look, I get it; insurance premiums for the company are through the roof (true), and the HSA realizes a big savings for the company (and our employees). But the sales (snow) job on the HSA plan left out some important facts, like the HSA Bank charges, etc. (not true) An OPEN enrollment should be just that, OPEN. And one more note about the HSA: to try to present it as a quasi-401k is insulting (agreed, but this did not happen). Those of us who care about 401K plans know better, and those that don't just got misled, big time. Call it a lesson learned, and let's do better next year. (6)

See below response for more info.

Normally a 9 or 10 from me but I am really not happy about the benefits package or process. The whole thing seemed designed to force HSA down our throats (not true). No information given about the standard plan and when it was asked about (not true), it had gone up (true, which is why we are offering alternative plans). That would be OK but it sounds like it went up just to force the HSA plan's adoption (preposterous). We were thus given about 1 week to measure and guess our benefits requirements for a year (under threat of expulsion from the company BENEFIT plan) so in the end it was HSA or nothing (the time you had to make a decision depended on how early you attended the benefit meeting and no one was denied additional explanation of benefits or counseling. In fact, representatives from Bernard are available to continue to answer questions and offer advice). Then the HSA account details arrive where we find out that HSA Bank (don't see them advertise much like all other banks) is your standard money gouging bank where every transaction is charged for! $2 to use your card $3 to use it as a credit card $8 to have the card etc. The numbers may not be right but the spirit is. They charge for everything so a good portion of what I pay in now goes to feeding this bank! Oh yes, those fees go away if you MAINTAIN a balance of $3000 or more. How long will that take to accrue? (None of this is true, there is only one monthly charge and the company is contributing $500 annually to your plan to compensate for this and help) Hope I don't get sick this year! (agreed) The whole process was uncommunicative and forceful from start to finish and if you look at it realistically you would have to agree. No better than any other year. Seems like "benefits", the things that are part of our employment package, the things that we're all about shouting about what's so great about working here, are now seen as feed for the cattle to keep them quiet. Oh and the other "joke" on this? We were also told "Hey this is like a 401-K!! Isn't that great!" No. It's not a 401-K like every other company has and we'd really like one, not a compulsory HSA where we give our pre-tax pay to a bank! (The unused HSA funds can be saved until retirement, then used on anything you want, and in fact many people use it for that purpose. It was never sold as a 401(k) replacement.) I really think we dropped the ball on this one and leadership should take it on the chin and be honest in saying we screwed the pooch big time. Otherwise everything else is fine and great. This process just makes me wonder about how we as people dedicated to working here for the good of all are really thought of by leadership. (5)

Keep in mind that Leadership, the owners, and our families are covered by these same plans. It is ridiculous to think that we would want subpar coverage. The information given in both these comments is mostly wrong and both contributors appear uninformed. We honestly think that this was the best roll-out of benefits we’ve ever had. Sure, it’s a change, but if we did not feel it was good for our employees and our families in the long-run, we would not be implementing it.

Rachel has already set up another meeting with our broker this week in order to correct some of these misconceptions and address any and all other concerns after the fact. Arnie will also be there to “take it on the chin” if any issues remain unsettling. Stay tuned for communication about that.

April 2012

Morale Average - 7.72

Total Number of Participants - 26 (96% participation rate)


I'm a n00b here, so I'm just happy to be here! (10)

We're happy to have you!

The NBJ was right. We are the BEST place to work! Getting tons of support from my team. (10)

Thank you! That's great to hear.

All is good! Upper Mgmt: Thanks for being so supportive of the FiSH! team and making it possible for them to do so many spectacular things to keep our morale up! My friends and family continue to be amazed (and jealous) when I tell them all the benefits of our culture. If anyone questions whether or not this is THE BEST place to work, let me assure you - it is! (10)

Thank you!

All is good but let's all remember that we all serve each other. This is a fun place to be so there's no excuse for some of the snippy responses I have heard lately. Be a sun shiny person every day. (9)

Thank you for this feedback. Good advice!

Just keeps getting better! (9)

Thank you!

Even though I'm super busy right now, and running into some frustrations, this is still a great place to work. Thanks! (8)

Thank you!

Doing good. (8)

That's good news!

Thanks for changing the parking policy. It's a little disheartening to see how some of the staff has taken it. The call center isn't the only company that has people working off hours. I come in early and work late on several occasions throughout any given month. I also have had security concerns parking over at the Lea lot. It comes with the territory. I just hope we can realize it was the best decision for ALL companies since we were running out of parking spaces. However, I would like to ask if it is only a temporary solution do we have a long term one in the works? (8)

Thank you for your feedback. Parking is certainly a priority, and a long term solution is in the works. There are lots of options but nothing has been set in stone yet. The current plan should be good through the rest of this year, although we will continue to evaluate needs on a quarterly basis. We will keep everyone posted on developments, so stay tuned.

Great place to work but I feel like to fill out too many surveys, monthly, quarterly, etc. (6)

We tend to prefer a culture of knowing and not guessing. It's in our nature to measure, post and react to what we find out. Our surveys may be frequent and imperfect, but they've proven to be a very positive tool in making a difference in our organization. We appreciate all of the feedback we get to help us get there… including this comment.

On a response on to the last survey's comments, you are telling employees to talk to Arnie about where MLG is headed. Shouldn't all MLG employees have an idea of where MLG is headed without us setting up a one on one with the CEO? The vision should be known to all and unfortunately it's not. (6)

You're absolutely right. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and holding us accountable.

No response (2)

If you do not provide a comment, we can't possibly improve your morale.

No response (1)

If you do not provide a comment, we can't possibly improve your morale.

Thank you for participating!

March 2012

Morale Average - 8.05

Total Number of Participants - 22 (79% participation rate)


Positive progress on all fronts. (10)

Thank you!

Love coming to work everyday. Living the Dream! (10)

Thank you!

Love the new break room chairs and tables! (9)

Thank you!

Sometimes, it worries me to see people get fired and I can't imagine why. It seems like we get these unanalyzable emails about someone who is "no longer with the company" more than not these days. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like that. In my experience, if you get a lot of people worrying about that, it can hurt morale and the company as a whole. Just sayin, sometimes I feel like that. Maybe I'm just a worry wort. Everything else is good though. (9)

Anxiety regarding departures is understandable and low turnover is certainly everyone's goal. The thing is, if anyone is in a position where their strengths are not being utilized, change can (and should) be the answer. The "unanalyzable emails" are by design. Rarely are team members terminated (nor do they typically resign) all of a sudden. These decisions are complex and occur over time. Sometimes a straw might break the back of the camel, and certainly everyone wants to talk about the straw. Let's not. See below comment and response for additional feedback.

A lot of uncertainty right now… I like it here, but not sure where MLG's headed at the moment. So much change, particularly in staff, that I'm feeling a little uneasy. (7)

Okay, yeah, there have been some changes throughout the organization and the fact that our rock of finance (Laura Duddy) is leaving can be a little daunting. Rather than worry, even for a moment, talk to Chris, David, or Arnie about how the restructuring will leverage everyone's strengths toward more success and more opportunity… certainly not less. With regard to your concern over other staffing changes, don't let your worries fester. Talk to your manager or Rachel and speak up about your concerns and how they impact you, if at all.

It is definitely in the top 10% of companies. 10 would be through the roof, and 8 to me is pretty darn good. (8)

Thank you!

:)))))))) (8)


Thank you for changing the parking and the awesome party at Red Rooster. (8)

You're welcome.

Facilities has been doing a great job but a suggestion that I would really like to see implemented: battery recycling. It would be great to have a place to recycle batteries here as batteries are very harmful to the environment when they decompose. Also, there is very little cost to this as used batteries can be dropped off at most Best Buy locations at no charge. Steps to implement this suggestion: 1. Create repository in a common area to drop off batteries. 2. Delegate a method of disposal (i.e. company to pickup / employee to drop off). 3. Inform everyone that service is available and encouraged by announcing in email and displaying notices around the building. A few reasons to recycle batteries (see last page for article). Thank you for consideration. (7)

Thank you for this feedback. Although the article you reference accurately reflects that BatteriesPlus has a free battery recycling program, they do not actually recycle general alkaline batteries, which we use here at MLG. See below articles for more details. If you still feel strongly about initiating some sort of recycling program, please feel free to talk to our facilities team more about some options.

From the Duracell Website (we use Duracell batteries):
Alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of with normal household waste. Never dispose of batteries in fire because they could explode.
Due to concerns about mercury in the municipal solid waste stream, we have voluntarily eliminated all of the added mercury from our alkaline batteries since 1993, while maintaining the performance you demand. Our alkaline batteries are composed primarily of common metals—steel, zinc, and manganese—and do not pose a health or environmental risk during normal use or disposal.
It is important not to dispose of large amounts of alkaline batteries in a group. Used batteries are often not completely "dead." Grouping used batteries together can bring these "live" batteries into contact with one another, creating safety risks.

According to the Tennessee Government website:
Items no longer accepted at the mobile HHW collections are alkaline batteries, paint, and electronics. Alkaline batteries sold after May 13, 1996, have no mercury added and may be discarded in the regular trash.

Thanks for the parking changes. It's nice to be able to park closer to the building sometimes. (4)

You're welcome. Why the 4? Can we help?

Thank you for participating!

February 2012

Morale Average - 7.88

Total Number of Participants - 25 (86% participation rate)


It's been established that the new CIO is both a baller and a shot-caller, the only outlier is whether he has 20-inch rims on his Impala. Can we get clarification on this? (10)

Word to your mother. Shawty still rides with the 100-spoke Daytons, but he's savin' up for the 22 Giovannas!

People are happy, work is good, beer is flowing, everyone is ROCKIN! (10)


I'm high on this place lately! Absolutely love it here. I gave a 9 instead of 10 right now due to the micro-managing… it's a bit deflating sometimes. Other than that, keep it up, you're doing a fine job! (9)

Thank you for your feedback. If you feel like you're being micro-managed, let that person know. That person may not even know they're doing it. Communication is the key, so have an open and honest conversation about how you feel.

I'm going on my second week and am still pumped!! EVERYONE is AMAZING!!! Still learning how things work around here, once I get into the swing of things, I'm sure my morale can only improve! Hopefully!! ;) (9)

Thank you!

I like it here. (9)

Thank you for your feedback.

Well, after I consider the (deep breath) pay, insurance, PTO, low pressure job details, my own office, trust, great boss, 25 cent drinks/coffee, free fruit, bagels, FISH, flexible schedule, booze, pet friendly, kid friendly, clean, safe, free parking, caring owners, christmas party, christmas bonus, Wii, employee recognition, employee of the month, amex birthday cards, spouse amex's , child amex's and last but not least, Great co-workers. ehh I'M GOOD! (9)

Phew! Thanks for the recognition!

I really enjoy the fruit. Thank you for providing this. Love the bananas and oranges. Wish we could fix the plumbing situation so that the water would come out of the sink in the restroom upstairs. Is the scorecard for the toilet downstairs a joke? (8)

We are definitely aware of the plumbing situation. Unfortunately, the capacity of our hot water heaters in each restroom is small. In colder months, when we use the hot water heater, our option is basically to either have hot water with low water pressure, or cold water with higher water pressure. We apologize for the inconvenience and will turn off the hot water heaters in the summer months, which will bring more consistent pressure (until it gets cold again…). Yes, the scorecard in the toilet downstairs was a joke, although we're not sure who put it there.

Very positive overall. (8)

Thank you for your feedback.

I typically don't have a lot to say when taking this survey because my morale is pretty great! I do read the comments though, and I must say that there have been several instances where people are complaining about the most ridiculous things. I feel that sometimes people here are, I hate to say it, but spoiled rotten! I mean, this is a great place to work and there are so many perks and positive aspects to being employed here. It's almost like they try to find something to "fuss" about. A few weeks ago the postman came into the office to deliver mail and he wanted to show me his 25 year Anniversary pin. It was a small, very simple gold pin, about the size of a dime. He was so proud that he received it for being with the company for 25 yrs!! It took me by surprise too because he doesn't say much when he comes into the office, but on that day he did. If only we could be as proud as he was about the small, simple things here. I encourage you to be more like our postman and be grateful for everything you're given. Please. :) (7)

Well said. Thank you for this reminder.

What is the MLG stance on Empowerment? This used to be a common word around cj, but I'm not seeing it used for MLG. It doesn't appear to me that our MLG leaders feel empowered, which limits the confidence in all MLG employees. Does our executive team feel empowered by the partners? Do you believe your MLG employees are empowered? (6)

Let's not get confused over our purposes. "Empowerment" is cj's Purpose. "Leverage" is MLG's Purpose. The MLG executive team and MLG employees are empowered and supported to fulfill all of that company's core values (Trust, Respect, Collaboration and Service) by leveraging the resources and assets of the MLG group of companies. If you don't believe that to be true, then empower yourself, by reaching out to your manager and discussing the core values as you see them. Additionally, our Scorecard program is, by design, a program that empowers the employee by giving them control over their performance.

Parking is getting bad! Both lots where full the other day when I came back from lunch and I had to park in the designated LIP area which drew some dirty looks from two people who saw me do that. Is there going to be a solution to this as we continue to grow? (6)

As we said in a previous survey, we realize that this is more of an issue now that we are growing. This has been on the Facilities radar since 1Q12. Margaret said she thinks about it so much, it's creeping into her dreams! The facilities team is working diligently to accommodate all of our needs for 2Q12, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, please send an email to Margaret and let her know any time you have trouble parking so that we can monitor the problem.

Things seem to be a little grim lately. Not exactly sure as to why. (6)

Unfortunately, you haven't given us much information to work with. We're sorry you feel that way and can only encourage you to talk to your manager or Rachel (HR) if you need help pinpointing the problem. There's a lot of good stuff going on around here… just check out some of the comments on the previous page!

Thank you for participating!

January 2012

Morale Average - 8.38

Total Number of Participants - 21 (78% participation rate)


Love this place…'nuff said! (10)

Love it!

Really pleased that we were recognized in the Satisfaction Survey for all our work. Love working here and love that our customers are loving the way we work. It's all about the love. (10)

Thank you for this feedback.

LOVE the new structure changes. HR+ and the new set-up at the front desk are bound to bring a higher level of service. This place is awesome! (10)

Thank you!

Love the pet friendly environment! Is it only dogs that are allowed though? (9)

Yes, except for maybe a few old fish friends, and, of course, camels.

For the most part, we have capable, motivated people, who want to do good work and succeed, working together for collective success, and that feels great. If we can get 100% on board we'll be hitting 10s. (9)

Spread the word! Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

As always, lovely place to work. Can't think of any issues at this time. (9)

Thank you.

I like the culture here and would like to continue being a part of the growth opportunities. (8)

That’s great to hear.

Whatever happened to the "Biggest Loser" competition? (8)

It’s happening now! Check with Rachel for the details.

I think we all need to work on having more positive and friendly attitudes toward one another in the workplace. Most of the staff is pleasant to work with and is understanding and respectful of our policies. But I've noticed a few sour attitudes in the building. You might be busy and loaded down with work but please don't take your frustrations out on others because this becomes a downer and decreases morale in the building. (7)

We agree. And we really hope they hear you. Thank you for your input.

Thank you for participating!

December 2011

Morale Average - 8.55

Total Number of Participants - 22 (81% participation rate)


Couldn't ask for a better place to be! I love that I wake up excited to come to work every day. (10)

That's great to hear! Thanks for your feedback.

I'm not sure if it's the holidays or what but people seem happier than ever. Love this place! (10)


Incredible work environment with amazing people. The energy coursing throughout the building is nothing short of ELECTRIC! (10)

"Boogie, woogie, woogie!"

The holiday party was fun and it makes me think we should have monthly after work "mixers" at different venues each month. I'd hate to think we have to wait a whole year to have anything fun like that again! (9)

The fact that it's only once a year makes it more special, right? We are not in the food/event business anymore, but our goal is to always make our annual holiday party an epic event.

Thanks for the holiday party. (9)

You're welcome.

For the first time in a while I feel really good about where we are heading as a company. Everyone seems to have more focus now and it seems to resonate throughout. Thanks also for an incredible holiday party! (9)

Thanks for this feedback. You're welcome.

Can we set up daily 30 minute workouts in the studio (if it's not in use)? I have every workout video known to man and I think several of my co-workers would love a quick workout in the office? (9)

Plans are already in the works to re-purpose the studio and turn it into badly needed office space. So we'd rather not start something that will inevitably need to change in a few weeks. If the plans do not pan out, we will revisit this request.

Four Rolls Per Stall. This Must Be Heaven. (8)

Hmmm. We're glad you're happy.

The holiday party was great, Thanks! I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2012. (8)

So are we! Keep up the enthusiasm.

Great holiday party! I like the bathroom storage organizers. Can we think about adding tampon machines to the ladies rooms? (7)

Our facilities team has already looked into the options here. Rest assured that there are more bathroom initiatives coming, but in the meantime, please go to the front desk if you're in a bind, as they have necessary supplies.

Thank you for the holiday time off. Could we try to coordinate holidays with the rest of the nation this year? It is easier for coordinating time and with outside vendors and with family. Thanks for your consideration. (7)

Yes. With the benefit of hindsight, we realize now that this wasn't the best plan. We'll align with the national schedule in the future.

Great job with the holiday party. It is very appreciated! (7)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for participating!

November 2011

Morale Average - 8.65

Total Number of Participants - 26 (93% participation rate)


This place is great, love the emphasis put on employee feedback. (10)

Thank you.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving breakfast and the upcoming holiday party! (10)

You’re welcome.

Love our new hires Margaret and Renee. Wonderful new energy to an already awesome team. (10)


So many great things happening and on the horizon! I'm so glad to be part of the MLG family! About Quiet Time... I'm MLG, so I don't get the benefit of it. (9)

Thank you for your feedback. Quiet Time is also about being aware that others may be able to benefit from it.

Awesome as usual. (9)


The Christmas decor looks great. Really puts me in the mood for the holidays and thank you for throwing the Christmas party and for the Thanksgiving breakfast. Could we please get some hand soap for the kitchen? Many times I like to wash my hands before I eat lunch and going to the bathroom to wash my hands requires me to touch the doors, etc. (8)

Margaret has confirmed that there is a process in place to ensure that there will always be soap in the kitchen going forward. This was merely an inventory issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Everything is great! I'm really excited to begin a new year with MLG - things are looking up! FiSH! and Cultural Programs are doing a wonderful job, I'm so excited Margaret has joined the team, and I personally think it's fantastic that we are having a company-wide holiday party to include LIP, cj, and MLG! Thanks for all you do :) (8)

Thank you for this great feedback.

Very happy to still be here, learning new things every week. (8)

That’s great to hear.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving breakfast and the upcoming holiday party! (8)

You’re welcome.

I am super excited to have Margaret join our MLG family and look forward to working with her. I'm sure she has some new ideas and actions that we will really benefit from. From the get go she seemed genuine, very personable and a good team player. Also, I'm loving the Christmas decor around the building, especially the fact that it's real! Tis the season :) (7)

Thanks for this great feedback. Only a 7?

What is up with the little cups? The bigger ones we had before where the perfect size! (7)

The larger cups are in the next cabinet over.

Thank you for participating!

October 2011

Morale Average - 7.78

Total Number of Participants - 23 (82% participation rate)


I'm a little leary about the new office manager position. I just hope they are as cool as Angie. (10)

There’s certainly only one Angie :) We suspect Margaret will impress us and win our accolades in her own way.

It's spooky how high my morale is right now. I don't want to seem too spiritual but other companies would be frightened if they knew how scary good this place is. They don't stand a ghost of a chance in reaching our standards. If they think they do then they're playing with fairies. (9)

Nice play on words! You’re as creative as our culture.

A great big thank you to whomever started bringing fresh fruit into the break room. It's great to have an alternative healthy snack choice. (8)

We agree!

Love the apples and fruit being provided for the employees! But I'm noticing it seems to run out by Thursday. So, in the words of Oliver, "Please sir, could I have some more?":) (8)

This idea is sort of a “work in progress”. We are currently figuring out how much fruit we need and if it’s a viable benefit for our employees. Your feedback definitely helps. As it stands, fruit is brought in on Tuesdays and Fridays with a goal to having enough for everyone who wants it, including our weekend workers. We will continue to evaluate this program and determine the pathway going forward.

Still a great and fun place to work!

Thank you.

Thanks for the free fruit! I'm so glad the cries for healthier snacks were addressed - this is very much appreciated. (7)

You’re very welcome. Stay healthy!

What is to become of the production studio? (7)

Most likely the studio will become office space, ultimately. The growth of our organization simply outpaced our expectations and so the studio provides the best option for us to expand into. Both the new Office Operations Manager and cj's Director of Operations, Greg Howell, will make that determination as needed.

Thank you for participating!

September 2011

Morale Average - 7.81

Total Number of Participants - 21 (78% participation rate)


When I say "MLG", You say,"Rocks". "MLG"... (10)


Thank you for revising the parking rules. (9)

You’re welcome.

It seems as though the entire group is starting to feel stronger as a unit and that their opinions and skills matter and are respected. With business units opening up to our expertise, as we strive to provide services and systems that meet their needs, I think everyone is starting to feel the gravitational pull of success. (9)

Wow. What a great comment! Thank you.

Glad to see FISH has made their return! They really help to break up the typical daily routine and throw some friendly chaos into the mix. (8)

Go, FiSH!

What amazing things the Fish team did over the last few weeks. Glad to see that they're still all about making our day! (8)


It seems like morale is up a bit thanks to FISH and the beers on Friday. Thanks for bringing some fun into the workplace at a time when everyone was stressed with conference and :) (7)

You’re welcome.

Lately I have experienced a lot of micromanaging. I am asked and "trusted" to complete a task but along the way the micromanaging is so intense that the project doesn't even become mine anymore. It becomes the person who asked me to complete it. Why didn't they do the task themselves if they were practically doing it the entire time anyway? It's frustrating because it forces me to believe that I am not trusted or competent enough to do something on my own. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working here so much but this creates hesitation on my part every time I am asked to do something. I might not complete a task the same way someone else would but that doesn't mean it's wrong or incorrect. (6)

Thank you for your feedback. Sometimes we tend to foster a culture of telling someone how to do something instead of what to do. This response opened up a very productive discussion. Everyone on the board agreed that they would want to know if anyone on their team felt this way. So, please feel encouraged to talk to your manager. If you don’t feel comfortable telling your manager, then please look to anyone on this review team for support. Help us break the habit!

Thank you for the beer camels (6)

You’re welcome. Only a 6? :)

Thank you for the chair massages and the other random acts of kindness! They were all much appreciated. (6)

You’re welcome. Just a 6? :)

Thank you for participating!

August 2011

Morale Average - 7.32

Total Number of Participants - 25 (93% participation rate)


Love my job. I love the trust and freedom I get to do my job. A lot of trust has been put in me and for that I am grateful. (10)

We’re glad you’re happy.

Things are looking up! (9)

Good to know!

As always, there is room for improvement, but hard to not give a 10. I am a little ticked off on the parking situation though. Why is it yellow tags can park in any spot, even the ones along the fence? I thought they had reserved spots in the middle of the lot and no one can park there except yellow tags? I know it seems petty, but when I get to the office in the morning at 10 after 7 and all the outside spots are already taken and there isn't but 3-6 people in the building that are not yellow tags, I get a little frustrated. Especially when I am walking up from the other lot and I notice there is about 4 vehicles with yellow tags parked in the spots along the fence, there may be more but I can only see so far without actively looking in their windows. Can the parking rules be changed to where yellow tags cannot park in those spots along the fence? There should be plenty of spots for them to park in the middle even during a shift change. I mean red tags can't park in the middle, why can't we make it so yellow can't park in the ones along the fence. I understand 5-10 are first come first serve so leave them as is. (9)

We understand your frustration. We know this is an issue and that we need to better communicate the plan, which is that employees with yellow tags must first park in the center spots, then park on the outside by the fence if all center spots are taken. We will make sure that this is communicated appropriately. If this is still an issue, let us know on the next survey.

Can we have another clarification of the parking policy? I know it's ridiculous, but I've heard different stories from nearly everybody. The main clarification is to whether the spaces around the ring of the main lot are open to everyone (except for the visitor/handicapped spots) or if they are supposed to be used by cj/MLGers and LIPians use the center spots. Thanks. (7)

See above response. The center spots are reserved for LIP/after hours employees and anyone else with a yellow tag (special needs/company owners). The spots around the outside of the MLG lot are first come/first served for ALL employees. There is a printed parking map on cj Central. A poster size version will also be printed and posted by the side employee entrance in the coming weeks – that should help.

What’s the protocol regarding beers/drinks in the office? I know Interactive is treated to beers often in their LAM and on other occasions, granted they’ve got a lot going on, but there are many departments that are working their butts off. What gives? Does that mean I can pick up a 6 pack one day to share with the team? I think it’s great that Michelle does that for her team but seeing them with drinks so often makes my mouth water for an ice cold tasty beer. Can we get more department heads to do the same? (7)

Yes, they can! Let them know that this is what you want. It’s merely a matter of getting it approved.

I know it's been touched on briefly before, but I would like to propose that we reconsider the repayment of student loans question. I know we offer tuition reimbursement... could we come up with a better solution that all employees across all business units can take advantage of? Perhaps offering employees the option of Tuition Reimbursement OR help with Student Loan repayment... If you get one, you can't have the other kind of thing... Just a thought. (7)

Tuition reimbursement and the paying off of student loans are two very different programs. Tuition reimbursement fits more in line with our training offerings in that it encourages your continual professional and personal development going forward.

What happened to someone manning the parking lot in the evening? (7)

During the longer days there’s less of a need for someone to patrol the parking lots in the evening. However, if ever you feel the need for an escort, don’t hesitate to call Dustin. Dustin maintains our lots and usually checks them between 5pm and 6pm each night. We are, however, working on a formal solution for when the time changes in late October.

Everyone has been real tense, uptight, and moody around here...what ever happened to Fish? I haven't heard a word out of them since May and we need them now more than ever! (5)

FiSH has been in transition and now plans to go back to its original purpose, which is to “make work fun”! Billy is going to post the member list for both FiSH and Spirit up on the board outside his office. Stay tuned… good things are coming your way! Hear us roar!...or splash like a fish… or make a sound like a Spirit!

Thank you for participating!

July 2011

Morale Average - 7.43

Total Number of Participants - 21 (78% participation rate)


Winning – (10)


When I get positive feedback from the companies we leverage, it makes me feel like I really make a difference! (9)

You do make a difference.

I appreciate the continued efforts to improve our facility. The entry door awnings are a good example of that. However, I am disappointed that we haven't made the commitment to fix the noise issue in the Studio. I know we are talking about a sizable investment here, but we should either make it or convert the space into badly needed work and storage areas. It's just too big a space to not use more. (8)

We agree with you. Know that this is on the Director of Design and Production’s scorecard – we know how important this is. Whoever fills that position will address this issue.

We need an employee mixer of some kind so we can all get to know the new people better. (7)

We do not plan to have an employee mixer, however, the holiday party is right around the corner! In the meantime, please contribute to the employee trivia on the TV screens as we are all trying to get to know each other.

Thanks for the handy-wipes! Now my desk is so fresh and so clean, clean. (7)

You’re welcome.

Still running out of toilet paper and soap frequently. Can someone not do a run through the bathrooms at least once a day to make sure supplied properly? Or can we just add extra toilet paper holders?

Angie has taken care of this. We were checking the bathrooms once a day, but now the bathrooms will be checked twice a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We hope this helps.

There seems to be some grey areas on the MLG core values and what they mean to all. Please provide MLG's definition for Trust. Please provide MLG's definition for Service. Please provide MLG's definition for Collaboration (6)

While the general definitions of these words certainly apply, we will develop and approve our definitions, specific to MLG, for both the values and promises and will publish those once approved.

My morale is down due to the MLG surveys even though there were a lot of good comments there were also a lot of negative comments. Some of the comments seemed more personal than constructive. I feel that we are not appreciated for all the hard work we do for cj/LIP/MVS. I know that most of the people who make up MLG often don’t have time due to work loads and deadlines to even take a lunch break. (4)

See below response.

Quarterly surveys bring down morale and overall company spirit. Very critical and negative over trivial matters. I understand wanting to receive feedback from other departments but I don't think its necessary to survey every quarter on top of monthly morale, and annual and six month reviews. Plus, we do not know who these survey comments are coming from. I don't think it's a reliable tool to use for judging departments and its employees. (2)

To respond to the above two comments, we stand by our belief that the MLG services survey may be the single most important thing that we do. Constructive criticism is always hard to hear, but “what won’t kill you will make you stronger”. We’ve already seen change for the better. These surveys are an extremely helpful tool that put us on the right pathway toward improvement. While no survey is perfect, we believe they have immense value. We hope that you will also see the benefit down the road.

Thank you for participating!

June 2011

Morale Average - 7.79

Total Number of Participants - 24 (92% participation rate)


This place is AMAZING! Awesome people doing incredible things. (10)


There is always room for improvement or else it would be a 10. I love the fact that we now have a tuition reimbursement program! (9)

So do we!

Often I seem to be out of the loop as it pertains to matters regarding overall exchange of information. Not sure if its intentional but there are a few things that require ongoing monitoring & voting that I'm not a part of. Don't know why. Don't want to presume that I should be included. Unsure of the reasoning and would simply like to know. Thanks. (8)

Our intention is to be open and transparent. It seems like there is a communication issue here which you can resolve by simply talking to your manager (or another level up if not satisfied) and asking the question. You may find that it’s a very simple solution.

I have spoken to several employees that are extremely frustrated about department heads procrastinating on annual compensation reviews. In some cases these employees have waited months and still have not had one. This is unfair to dedicated staff that is expected to produce high quality work on time. Management should address this problem immediately by implementing maximum time period of two weeks that an employee can be made to wait between their peer and compensation reviews. Also, this rule should not be effected by any changes to the benefit structure (such as replacing bonus based goals with outcomes). (6)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is unacceptable, and we will take immediate steps to get this under control. We strive to get all reviews completed on time and we have determined that adding a couple of steps to this process will ensure that this does not fall through the cracks in future. Give us a few months to solidify this process and then please let us know how we’re doing.

What happened to respect and collaboration from the business units? It's a two way street. (5)

You’re right, it is a two way street. You have to give it in order to earn it. If everyone focuses on their own department’s respect and collaboration, the rest is sure to follow.

Thank you for participating!

May 2011

Morale Average - 7.63

Total Number of Participants - 24 (92% participation rate)


This is the best work environment I have experienced when it comes to morale. I am so pleased and happy here! (10)

This is wonderful news. We are very happy that you are here as well.

Great… (10)


Things seem to be cheering up around here. Business is good and people are happy. (7)

We feel the positive energy as well. Happy people make for a great work environment.

Even when drinking with a straw please use the ice scoop to get ice not the cup. The water pressure in the upstairs bathroom needs to be improved. (8)

Agreed! Please make sure that you use the ice scoops that are provided in both ice makers. Never use your cup. We also completely agree about the water pressure in the upstairs restrooms. It’s annoying to everyone. We are definitely looking into why this is happening and researching solutions to fix it. Thanks for your patience as we work through these kinks.

It's good to see renewed activity from the FiSH! and Spirit Teams and I look forward to upcoming CWAC plans. (8)

FiSH! and Spirit definitely have renewed energy. We appreciate all the hard work that those teams put in to making our work environment fun. So, “Thank you” Spirit and FiSH! We are reviewing CWAC. If you have any suggestions for our CWAC vision, please send your ideas to Billy. Also if you have suggestions for ways to “Make-Your-Day”, Spirit and FiSH! are looking for new and exciting ideas.

Thank you for participating!

April 2011

Morale Average - 7.44

Total Number of Participants - 18 (86% participation rate)


I think we could benefit from a mid-day bathroom cleaning in the upstairs bathroom. I'm not sure exactly what time our cleaning crew cleans at night, but the bathroom often looks like it needs another cleaning by 10:00 or 11:00 am the next day (which is to be expected with the high traffic the 2nd floor women's room sees on a daily basis). (8)

We appreciate your desire for a clean restroom. We think that it's important as well. Dustin will be adding this to his daily checklist to check all restrooms mid-morning. Also, remember that if you see anything that you can do to keep it clean please do so. Everyone should do their part to keep the restrooms, as well as the rest of the building, clean.

Just a small thing, but what is up with the toilet paper dispensers in the bath rooms? Perhaps they chosen to reduce costs of toilet paper, but they are not very "user friendly" and are quite frustrating. (7)

Thanks for bringing this up. We definitely agree. Angie is looking into replacing the spindles on the toilet paper dispensers as well as other options that may better suit our needs. Look for a change soon.

As we move forward and secure our identity within the organization and understand our role with the business units, our jobs become clearer, our focus sharper and, as a result, our job satisfaction greater. Billy Block has been a GREAT addition across the entire company. Can we keep him Dad? He's so cute! Please can we keep him? (9)

Thank you for your positive attitude. We also believe we are building a great relationship with Billy and we are looking forward to determining our next steps with the Cultural Manager program. Thank you for your support. More news to come soon.

Thank you for Good Friday off. cj has a huddle rocker, lip gives proactive recognition - are MLG employees eligible for fiddlecake bucks? (7)

We are glad you enjoyed the day off. There are many great MLG employees that need to be recognized. Thank you for also recognizing this. Start looking for more MLG employees names in the overheard emails. 

I think the ant on the back of the elephant got tired, because I have never seen so many employees in an organization this beat down, unmotivated, and hopeless. For a company with so much potential and drive, I think a lot goes overlooked and I find it incredibly sad and a huge loss for the company and its employees in general. As a side note, no one wants to answer this question honestly anymore, because what has been said in the review of these comments has slipped to the employees as a whole, others find that they have consequences for their opinions. Why ask if the answer to someone's concern is negative in return? (6)

As an intention of the organization, we use these comments only to help this organization and its employees. We do not want you to feel beat down, unmotivated, or hopeless. Feel empowered to communicate your specific concerns up the chain as far up as necessary. Remember to be as specific as possible as to how we can improve our processes. We know that we aren't perfect and that we will make mistakes. Please help us help you. We truly want all employees to be successful, both professionally and personally.

Thank you for participating!

March 2011

Morale Average - 6.90

Total Number of Participants - 20 (100% participation rate)


With the upcoming insurance re-enrollment, I just have to state that the change to Cigna has more than doubled my annual medical expenditures for my family. I know that BCBST was going to be WAY too expensive, but the increased cost of co-pays, and the reduction in benefits has really hurt the bottom line for us. Still, I'm happy to have insurance, so it's not a huge complaint, just a statement of fact that I hope might be considered as HR investigates possible vendors. It feels like we're coming back out of what felt like a bit of a dark period. It's nice to see Billy Block in the house and to see new energy coming in the door. Spring weather helps too!

Thank you for your feedback. There is a lot of preparation that goes into renewal when trying to evaluate and find the best plan for our employees and staff. We feel that we made every effort to reduce the cost to the employees as best we could. We will certainly continue to take this into consideration during the current renewal and will try to pay closer attention to the individual plan designs with regard to some of your concerns. As for the comment about Billy Block – We’re happy you’re happy!

We spend so much time here at work that it makes sense to me to implement some sort of promotion of healthy living. It could be something as simple as a biggest loser program, a lunch time walking program or an after-work sports initiative (dodge ball or softball again?).

All great ideas! Be on the lookout for more to come from Billy Block!

Period/Quarterly bonus -will there be an opportunity for one? When will we get an update on this?

Chris is finalizing details about the bonus structure replacement and will be sending out a communication soon. We have taken some time on this because we want to get it right. We don’t want to just do something for the sake of doing it. We are committed to having highly paid, high-performance employees.

I miss all the little things FISH! used to do... (Don't get me wrong - I still appreciate all the other things we have here - just miss the little random surprises that made my day every once in a while).

Billy Block has been in discussions with both Fish and the Spirit Team to get these programs back on track so be on the lookout for more fun things to come!

Thank you for participating!

February 2011

Morale Average - 7.28

Total Number of Participants - 18 (86% participation rate)


Thank you for the cookies!

Glad you liked them!

Thanks for the cookie lady! Yum!

It was our pleasure.

I feel very confident about the direction the company is headed! Exciting things ahead!

That’s very good to hear. We’re excited too.

Thanks for bringing in the Cookie Lady on Valentine's Day. Totally made my day!

You’re so welcome.

Thanks for the yummy cookies and milk on Valentine's Day - what a nice treat! Speaking of treats, have you ever considered getting a soft serve ice cream machine in the servery?

That sounds so good, but no. You can expect more planned spontaneity to come… stay tuned.

Any thoughts on music for the front desk/reception area?

Sure! Angie will work toward making this happen if our front desk managers like the idea.

Thank you for participating!

January 2011

Morale Average - 7.09

Total Number of Participants - 23 (100% participation rate)


I really appreciate Angie, Chris, and Arnie listening to our concerns and taking actions to rectify the front door issue. At first, I felt as though no one really saw the potential hazard and danger that could come from random strangers walking into the building. I feel better now that everyone has told us what is going to happen and what measures and precautions are being put in place to further the safety of the employees. So I just wanted to thank you all for working in this.

Thank you.

We really need someone to pay attention to the phone system. I've heard endless complaints and had my own issues due to the phone systems, but losing clients in transfers, our employees not getting to the phone in time because they are having trouble with their soft phones, and having to find employees only to realize that they are at their desk and their phones never rang is a cry for concern. The IT department has consistently stayed on top of it, but we need more than a temporary solution.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. To help us stay on top of this, please submit tickets to the Helpdesk whenever you experience a problem. The Helpdesk is an invaluable tool that helps our IT department identify problems so that they can then work to find a solution. There is a plan to upgrade the system and hopefully that will resolve some of these issues. In the meantime, we also plan to survey all staff to get a general reading on the system as a whole and identify any additional problems.

Period/Quarterly bonus -will there be an opportunity for one? When will we get an update on this?

There will be a communication coming out about this later this month. Stay tuned!

Please explain why LIP "off hours" has 30 spaces if "off hours" was defined as leaving after 7pm and before 6am.

See below response.

The parking situation needs to be reevaluated. It seems pointless to have most of the parking lot sitting empty throughout the day for after hours employees, when they are getting here after most of us leave.

To answer both above comments, a lot of time and effort has gone into the parking plan for MLG, and determining the fairest, and most efficient, plan for all employees. Change is always constant, but currently the leaders from all companies are 110% confident that the current plan is the best plan. Thank you for your compliance.

While my personal morale is okay right now, across the cj and MLG, it seems quite low. People are scared of losing their jobs, and so are working harder and having less fun because of that fear. Fear in general seems to be the most prevalent feeling in the past month and that doesn't make for a great culture or work environment. For that matter, culture seems to have taken a backseat in general for the past couple of months. To quote Remember The Titans, "Attitude reflects leadership." If that's the case, leadership should see this as a big red flag.

Firstly, we will continue to have a FiSH! team and a Spirit team that will work together to ensure that culture remains a priority across all companies. We will continue to MAKE WORK FUN! Secondly, no one has ever been fired from our organization for taking a creative break; people are fired for not doing their jobs. Thirdly, with millions invested in creating a great physical workspace, we have needed a little time to “adjust”. However, as you may have noticed, we are starting to get our groove back. We continue to invest in training and hiring as we always have, if not more so now. It may appear that culture has taken a back seat, and perhaps that’s true on some levels, but more than ever, we are committed to bringing it to the forefront again. We’ve even added new programs:

  • We pay for your postage now!
  • We have a recognition program that we are partnering with FiddleCakes on... become our “rocker of the day” and you’ll find out what that is.
  • Book Club is continually filled with employees, and more and more people join the program each quarter. This quarter alone, we paid out $2,475!
  • The MLG Leverager (employee of the month) receives a $50 AMEX gift card in addition to $10 worth of quarters.
  • Arnie often has spare Predators tickets that we hand out on a first come-first served basis.
  • If you were at the last staff meeting, you will have heard Arnie’s wrap-up speech about adding the educational reimbursement program for cj and MLG employees, similar to what LIP currently does.
  • And if that wasn’t enough, we are going to be hiring a Cultural Manager to drive our existing culture programs, including our Dream Manager program, to help you realize your ultimate dreams!

I would love to see some plants in our space! It may seem petty, but is that something that we could look forward to down the road? I'd love to think so! Plants can be a great morale booster in and of themselves. It would be great to some greenery around the place :)

Feel free to bring whatever plants you would like to bring in! We plan to “green up” eventually! It’s just not high on the priority list right now.

Thank you for participating!

December 2010

Morale Average - 7.00

Total Number of Participants - 23 (100% participation rate!!)


Thank you for the Holiday parties, prizes and bonus.

You're welcome.

I think we need to upgrade our bathroom cleaning schedule. Oftentimes, I have found no paper towels, no toilet paper in the stalls and an overflowing trash receptacle during the day.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have reviewed our current cleaning schedule and determined that we need to add an additional cleaning day. Angie has contacted our vendor so hopefully that should ramp things up a bit. Additionally, we will be increasing the size of the trash receptacles to alleviate some of the problem. Andrea and Kristine have been checking the bathrooms in the afternoons. They are going to adjust their schedules so that the bathrooms are checked mid-morning instead. Please help them out though. If you see something, say something! Simply submit a Helpdesk ticket and we will take care of it as soon as possible. Help us keep our home tidy.

Bit of a morale buster with the timing of the Annual Bonus. Typically, these have been what I used for buying Christmas presents, but with the timing of it this year, that made things VERY difficult. I'd like to plea for it be included on the next-to-last paycheck of the year, so that those who need it for presents can use it for such. Thanks! (I'm very grateful to have even received a bonus this year, so please don't take this as a total negative, it's just that the timing made it stressful.)

Thank you for your feedback. We understand the issue and we apologize for the last minute change on the timeline. The schedule was reset to better accommodate our year-end wrap-up. Here's the good news... if we had not extended the deadline, the bonus would likely have been much smaller than actually paid. The additional time gave accounting the ability to better project year ending outcomes and, thus, everyone benefited. This is the plan from here on out, so please plan accordingly on future years. On a side note, this obviously raises the concern of what would happen if we were not able to pay bonuses. What if, as in the movie Christmas Vacation, you would have gotten something much less spendable? Bonuses are most enjoyed if they are unexpected, not counted on, and used on the non-urgent.

For the first time in a very long time, I am not confident in my job security here at the agency/MLG. Seeing two of our finest employees, people who worked hard and made countless contributions to all companies, let go is disheartening. If you can let them go, I feel anybody is up for the chopping block.

See below response.

I have to say that I was extremely shocked by the exit of two well-liked employees. It gave me a jolt. However, I trust in Leadership's and management's reasons for making that decision and fully support them. I know that can't have been easy.

To respond to both the above comments, we hear you, we understand your uneasiness and thank you for your support. We would like to reassure you by saying that we are an open and transparent company and that, if you have concerns about your own position, don't walk around on egg-shells. Talk to your manager and ask two very specific questions: One: am I doing the right things? Two: am I heading in the right direction? Open communication is the key to keeping us all on the right page and moving forward together and we ask that you trust that and trust your own abilities. In addition, we hope that you trust Leadership's and management's reasons for making the decisions they make and we ask for your continued support.

Was surprised to see pajama day in a professional environment. I know other companies do it - it's still awkward.

It's interesting because we received both overwhelmingly positive feedback to pajama day and equally as many less positive comments. The idea behind it was purely to enjoy a very laid back, fun day "with the family", filled with holiday spirit. We continually strive to find a balance between the entrepreneurial and the corporate environment. Sometimes these ideals collide and it makes it hard to know which is the best path way. We feel that there's got to be some spontaneity in our workplace to give us the edge, so we hope you understand. Sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone.

Thank you for participating!